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  1. Good for you buddy. I'm happy your getting results. Please keep us posted (even every few months)
  2. I think trying TCA cross before excision will be a better idea. If you do the excision then you won't be able to try the TCA cross on the scar, but the opposite is possible.
  3. Hi, I was wondering what exactly should be tested in the blood test for accutane? I'm not in my home country at this time, and I can't contact my dermatologist. If anyone have done this before, can you please help me with it? What I know is the following: cholesterol, liver function test. What else am I missing? Thanks a lot
  4. Hey now.or.never, Congratz on yr results ! Your skin looks amazing I just had 2 q's please. 1) How many months after accutane did you start dermastamping? 2) what was the time interval between each treatment. You said you have done 5 of them. Thanks a lot and enjoy it
  5. So I finally got my prescription for Accutane, but i'm worried if it's really gona work. My weight is 220 pounds, almost 100 kg (a lot, i knw) and what the doctor wants to do, is put me on 40 mg/day for 7 months. Do you think this will work? Please let me know what you think if you have some experience.. Thank you =)
  6. Heal well TryingHard, and thanks for sharing keep us updated.. and all the best
  7. i know it might b late now, but i would have suggested that you cover it with a plaster to keep it moist and make it heal very slowly. But for now take good amounts of vitamin C and stay away from smoking, but if you already smoke then i don't think stopping for one day will effect lol, but what i meant staying is staying away from people who smoke to avoid it =)
  8. thx for updating and good luck. Remember to take a lot of vitamin C at this time, it does help ! Plus leave the scabbing as much as possible, even if it reform, thts good.
  9. It does make sense. I might give it a try on a small scar lol. But i just dont know, shall i let the scab form and leave it as much as possible? or cover it with a plaster and keep it moist. I remember long time back i made a HUGE scar on my face by picking my skin, it was so bad and deep, and because i felt so uncomfortable with it, i covered it with a plaster to hide what happened ! and after maybe 2 weeks it healed but with a discoloration, and after maybe 2 months the normal color returned a
  10. ^ Hi misterblue, Where is your doctor from? or in which country are you guys? And welcome to the forum =)
  11. Why do i feel that this is "icaretohelp" from another/new account? Sorry icaretohelp if it wasn't you, but either ways, who ever this new person is, WE UNDERSTOOD WHAT YOU GUYS ARE TRYING TO SAY, DR KHAN IS THE BEST DOCTOR IN THE WORLD ! OKAY, GOT IT ! Can you just give a break.. jeez.. I respect what he has done and all the treatments he's doing with the stemcells. But no need to advertise for him here, we know what he offers. I just hope that he's not the one behind all of this. I really ho
  12. Is it okay to take accutane with propecia at the same time? Propecia (finasteride) is a drug for hair loss. I do have hair loss, but i'm scared that the accutane will make it much more worse. So is it okay to take the two drugs concurrently? Note: that the propecia is not a course like the accutane, its a life time drug which stops hair loss as long as you take it. But once you stop it, the hair will fall again. Any idea please?
  13. Hey guys, Does anyone know a good dermatologist in new york city who offers accutane? I searched the net and i found several ones, but i'm not sure which one to choose. Any suggestions will be very helpful Thanks =)