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  1. I was on doxy for about a year...even though my dermatologist swore it would not loose effectiveness, it did and I broke out pretty bad recently. Yeah, I am begining to learn that dermatologist can't help me, after years of going there. I am now off doxy (just out of college and no health insurance to keep going back to the dermatologist) and I broke out even worse. I can't remember it being this bad before, where I don't even want to go outside. I wish now that I never even went on it, becaus
  2. Proactive made my skin even worse- its a rip off. I would try the Clear Skin Regimen instead. It never got me completely clear, but at least I got some improvement with it and its a lot less.
  3. I've been on doxy for about three or four months now. It took about a month before anything got better. It helped my body acne (but did nothing for my face)...but now after about four months things are getting worse. My acne is back and I am getting white heads everywhere! Even in places where I didn't before like my eyelids. Is it possible that you become immune to the drug after awhile?
  4. I'm glad to hear accutane worked so well for you cassadie! It gives me hope. I'm tired of people bashing accutane and telling me don't take it. How will they know if it will work for me or not? No one will unless I try it! I won't start it for another month or so, until I have completed my one month of bc. Its hard having patience though...arggg. My face is so bad right now and I have to go to work and face people like this! Hanoian: good luck. Your story sounds very similar to mine, cept I'm
  5. Update on raisins for those curious about who have tried it: Okay before anyone mentions what I am doing wrong, let me say that I eat very healthy (avoiding acne causing foods like sugar, caffeine, flour...etc.,) I use soaps like bfg9000d suggested, (except I use purpose on my face because the is the only cleanser that seems to help somewhat), I drink lots of water and green tea everyday, meditate, sleep, take burdock, garlic and some zinc and vitamin c...etc. etc. And yes I did try bfg9000d ot
  6. Alright...well I went to the doctor because I had to go there first to get a refferal to the dermatologist in order for my insurance to cover the cost. I also went there for a lump in my breast. However, as much as I like that my face was clearer that day...(even though the day afterwards I'm breaking out again) He was like oh, well I don't see anything too much to worry about. Well I told him I had a lot of makeup on because I was at work earlier and that my face actually looks a lot worse usua
  7. That sucks about dianette. I can't even get it here in the US. While I have never tried diane, but I am on yasmin and it helps. It didn't get rid of my acne but it definately controls it. Good luck!
  8. Well...hmm. I thought the raisin thing was helping me, and it probably does help people clear their body of toxins and same deal with the green tea. I drink green tea all the time and raisins but this past week my face broke out with a vegence. Even my back, which I thought was finally clear. I found out actually what was helping me- it was the birth control. I'm off of it right now because I forgot to get some more and missed my window to start a new packet so I have to wait a month. It took me
  9. Thanks everyone! This gives me hope. I hope I can see the derm soon.
  10. I'm taking it and nope...I had no initial breakout at all! It took me about three weeks before it started to kick in then my face started to get better. But remember everyone is different. In fact, I forgot to get some more and missed my opening to start a new packet this month. So I have to wait a month before I can start it up again. I didn't really know if my skin was kept under control (meaning I could go into public without hiding in the shadows, but I still broke out- just not as bad) beca
  11. nope I haven't tried it yet. Has anyone else? Anyone know how long this has been around? I'm always so scared to try something new since everything I try never works no matter what their claims. However, they are giving away free samples right now. (not including the shipping and you have to cancel if it doesn't work) http://www.bio3zone.com/clearskinfreeoffer.htm I'm curious about this. But too scared to try it myself