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  1. thanks..but is that available here??i mean in asia.. about benzoyl peroxide..what s tat actually?can i get tat in the pharmacy? accutane,can i buy that as well in the pharmacy as well as i heard that it s so good..what do u think?did u have such problem?how did u solve it?
  2. i m an asian.20 years old now.i really wonder what can treat my acne problem! i think i keep my face clean everyday.washing my face 2 to even 3 times per day. but yet,the acne problem still trouble me a lot. so,is there any solution for my this annoying problem? is there anything to do with my diet?if yes,what should i avoid? anything to do with my sleeping hours?if yes,what should i do? i have tried kinds of facial cleanser already,but i think the differences is not so obvious. i went for the d