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  1. halfway through 5th month! Okay everyone! sorry I've been super busy with moving and everything I haven't had time to post in a while. Okay. Don't go to the beach while on accutane....you'll peel for 2 weeks. Aside from that. just chapped lips! Okay. Aside from taht, I'm clear! _3_. png] Keep with it, be diligent. And....If you have any questions..I'm here to answer! let me know! by the way, these were taken via webcam...so..that would explain the redness and the blotchy patches...th
  2. Yo dude whats up. Actually good news on my part I anit gonna need to go back on tane. I just cut out dairy and soda from my diet and I have hadn't any issues. Took a couple weeks to see results. And now i can even eat a lil bit of dairy or a lil soda here and there and not really worry. Just can't do it everyday.

  3. i'll post pictures today or tomorrow...but in short - not red, it does look like i've gotten some sun though.
  4. soo i just realized that I spelt accutane wrong on the subject of my log. COOL. lol. anyway this is day...30 or 40 something. I got a zit on my neck. and it hurts. but it's small and already goin away..don't you hate those? I used to have them covering my face...painful acne..ugh. guys, I really think everyone considering accutane should give it a try. people often shy away from it because they hear of horror stories but the VAST MAJORITY of people on it see unbelievable differences in their
  5. Redness...ohh yeah. haha. it looked like i had massive sunburns all over my face. But really, I didn't even mind. And yeah when I went back to the derm for the first time she gave me mino, and turns out i'm allergic and she's like oh okay..you can stop taking that now we'll put you back on accutane. SWEET. I wouldn't mind taking this the rest of my life...lol. The first month the pores on my nose completely closed, it was amazing.
  6. Week...5? WOW 5 weeks already? only 10 more to go..wait that's not right..miore like 15. anyway. So. Hmm..my skin's clear already. I don't have any zits on my face..so I'm wondering why I'm still taking this. Oh. Because I never want it to come back again? There are two annoying things that are bothering me... -Just under my lip and above my chin is a dry patch of skin that has been there for like a week, it looks weird but its finally starting to..heal? -LIPS ARE SO DRY. TIP: if you live
  7. I'd say moderate. but persistant. I would get a zit, it'd disappear, and another would appear in a different spot literally the day after. so you were aloud to get on accutane for moderate acne. The first course I had, it was SEVERE. then 7 months later I'm back on it because it was creeping back, it was more mild-moderate I'd say. But it's the only thing that works. (for me anyway)
  8. yeah, I missed school a lot when my acne was severe. Now it's completely under control after just one month of accutane. I still hate the fact that my lips are dry (kinda self conscious about that)
  9. Wooh, Havent updated in a while..not like anyone reads this anyway, so it's been a bit over a month since I've been on accutane, I startd march 30. I'm on 60 mg a day now, and my skin is already fantastic. I'm really tired lately though, and I get headaches. But whatever, its only temporary. Hmm...aside from that not much else is goin on. How's everyone doing on their course?? -Rafael Questions? Comments? concerns? Objections?
  10. by the way, I got increased from 40 mgs a day to 60.
  11. Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't kept up with this lately. I have been super busy with Statistics. I need a B to be accepted into my program at UF so I haven't had much time to blog. Alright...so. It's about the end of my third week...I saw my derm today. I forgot to get blood work. woops. Uhhh acne wise..I have like really small zits on my right cheek. I got a nodule on the left side of my cheek (which i NEVER get) but it's going away. It's small too. Aside from that, my face is super smooth,
  12. hah, i did the same thing. A few months ago i told my mom to send me back to the derm cause i was breaking out and didnt want it to take over my face again. I went, they prescribed tetracycline...didn't work, actually I had an allergic reaction to it. So, even tho it's not bad at ALL, I'm on accutane again, cause it is the only thing that works for me. And..it wasn't embarrassing. Acne is embarrassing. In my opinion, anyway. Good luck!
  13. I live in Florida. AKA the sunshine state :\.
  14. thanks for the tip! I got a job at a grocery store and they are making me collect carts outside...now i have an excuse to get out of it! haha.