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  1. This is the Zinc supplement that I've been taking, its more expensive but it's in an organic natural form so it will likely be better absorbed. If you're lacking in zinc I would take two a day since they're 30mg. http://www.iherb.com/New-Chapter-Zinc-Food...Tablets/67?at=0
  2. Lesseee, what role does the immune system play in acne? Ah yes, it generates inflammation and pus and cysts. And you want to boost the immune system? Good luck with that. Could you elaborate on this? A healthy immune system will help acne. A high immune system is definitely what you want to strive for to prevent diseases and sickness but it's probably not going to help much with acne. As databased suggested your immune system uses responses such as inflammation to do its work and tha
  3. And lot of people can eat junk food, sugar, dairy, and gluten by the truck loads and have perfectly clear skin as well so you can apply that same application to food or any other root cause. For some people a hormone or chemical imbalance could easily trigger an acne outbreak whereas for others their body is better able to handle it. Orgasms whether they are from masturbation or from just normal average day copulation between a man and his wife have effects on hormones and chemical levels wit
  4. Well that depends on whether or not you had an existing condition of being zinc deficient. Zinc plays a vital role in our bodies and if you suddently began taking plenty in your diet then things could certainly improve. I definitely agree about that. The first thing anyone needs to do before worrying about taking supplements is to begin to clean up your diet. Also as far as vitamins and minerals never be as good of source of vitamins and minerals that's true to some point but there are ce
  5. It's still a good idea to wash your face once a day when you shave or whatever and you can use something natural like an enzyme scrub that I use from Avalon Organics. I don't do it to prevent acne breakouts because I agree once you get your diet right and cleanse and detox your body you shouldn't have much trouble with breakouts but exfoliating the skin still helps keep the pores clean and your skin will look better as well. And ronik I would recommend you to do some colon cleansing along wit
  6. Niacinamide is the one used in the prescriptions such as Nicomide that doctor's use to treat acne. I would recommend sticking with the regular form of Niacin however. Inositol Hexacinate is just a type of Nicotinic acid (niacin) that is encapsulated with Inositol to slow it's release and help prevent flushing.
  7. With taking 25-50mg a day you shouldn't have any problems with copper deficiency. It would be good to make sure you're getting some at least some copper in your diet however.
  8. I'm not sure what you're talking about in reference to something that has to be so processed for human consumption but like I said fish has been a staple in the diets of many cultures for thousands of years so when consumed in the right proportions should not pose any of these threats you're asserting from taking fish oil. Overdosing on most any vitamin, herb, Omega, nutrient, ect. usually can cause problems so fish oil should be treated in the same regard. If I overdose on Vitamin A I can cause
  9. That depends on if you consider the RDA to be sufficient for optimum health and the prevention of disease. The RDA for Vitamin C is 90mg and Vitamin D is 400 IU and I don't consider either to be nearly enough. There is an active iodine supplementation forum over at curezone quite a number advocate supplementing a lot more iodine than the RDA stipulates and the great health benefits it can provide. I haven't spent much time researching Iodine myself but there is quite a bit of info there if yo
  10. You would probably get better support concerning liver flushing and whether or not you can leave out the epsom salts if you go to the liver flushing forum on curezone.com and post your question there. There's a lot of people experienced with doing liver flushing there. http://curezone.com/forums/f.asp?f=447
  11. For anyone that likes to use salt on your food, and even if you don't since salt is essential to your body, I would recommend looking into purchasing a bag of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan sea salt. Himalayan sea salt has 84 trace minerals that you wouldn't be getting from using regular table salt. Refined table salt that you buy in stores is nothing but the chemical sodium chloride which is nothing like getting real unrefined salt. Once it's refined into sodium chloride the salt has great commer
  12. Yes our bodies do make EPA and DHA from ALA but as with everything that requires conversion within your body you have a conversion ratio and for some the amount of ALA that is being converted to EPA or DHA may be much lower than others especially if your body is not functioning as well as it should be. Just like when you take for example 10,000 IU of beta carotene your bodies not going to actually make 10,000 IU of Vitamin A because the conversion ratio of beta carotene to Vitamin A is not 1:1.
  13. Unless you really were taking some serious mega doses for a prolonged period I'd say it's unlikely that the fish oil had to do with the cause of your liver tumor. Omega 3 supplements and fish oil are among the top supplements taken by people worldwide so if it had any kind of real drastic tumor causing effect a lot more people taking fish oil would be getting tumors. It's important to remember though to keep your Omega 3 levels proportional with your Omega 6 and 9. If you were taking so much
  14. There's a good article along with discussion from readers as to how much Vitamin D you should take. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles...-the-Truth.aspx Everyone should get their Vitamin D levels checked though to see where they're at and then try to stay at the recommended optimum serum levels. If everyone in America did that they say that cancer rates would likely drop drastically.
  15. Consider taking supplements that will help stabalize your glucose levels when you eat your meals as well. Chromium, Bitter Mellon, Vitamin D, and Taurine are a few that I take daily and they have special vitamin/herb formulas for helping with blood glucose levels. Also taking digestive enzymes with each meal is a good idea as well because it will help your body break down the fats, carbs, and protein. The main thing to remember about carbs is that you don't have to eat a real low carb diet, yo