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  1. lol ops popped that suckker put some retin a on it went out in sun looks pretty dried up this morning
  2. damn this thing has not gone down a bit i thought some sulfur type product would leastt reduce it. Had date last night just felt so weird with it on my face. Then today at gym mirrors everywhere so hard avoid lookin at it
  3. picked up the cetaphil gentle bar of soap, first impression smells alot like dove and the stuff that really bothers my skin.. Feels clean after first use I guess ill see.
  4. its so giant would u call it a cyst or a pimple.
  5. So i get it where it looks like acnes going down a bit then i start using soap cleanser to clean it with and it seems to go back to where it was. Seems to react to anything with fragrance, glycerine soaps seem not to work either does oatmeal *most contain fragrance< since that one thing could be 4000 different chemicals > still*. Any ideas for soap / cleanser?
  6. your body needs protein everyday or it starts breakin down your muscles.
  7. hows it so hard, i have a 32 oz cup near me usually drink it in about 5min then back after its empty and fill it up. normally fill my water bottle at gym up at least 3x. O assume I'm takin in least 1 - 2 gallons a day.
  8. ha i was 110 over year and half ago now no flux between 137 and 140 big diff but this size nobody can tell u workout really abs are there but not my aim
  9. whats good to cover them up? to reduce them I'm a guy i dont want it look obvious
  10. try some fish oil and multi, only water thats purified or filtered. Maybe splash on some lemon juice or willard water during day and let it stay.
  11. controlled masterbation makes u last longer so keep on truckin
  12. there so dark like i get whacked in eyes its not cool, very old i like my dark eyes but nobody can tell with shadow under them. I think is worse then my acne.
  13. to hard to do both really unless u got super high metabolism, just eat leans meats man stack on those protein shakes. wrong forum mayb try bodybuilding.com there is a great forum.