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  1. Yes, Timothy, I understand I made bad decisions. I don't blame that on accutane. I was already depressed before I took it. I just mean to say that accutane can worsen depression. And i took the drug for the first time back in the mid-90's, before there was any real discussion of accutane and depression and suicide. The first time I attempted was after being on the accutane. I made bad decisions, and have faced pretty bad consequences because of my choices. I just wanted to try to share my
  2. I am 26 years old. I just recently had yet another outbreak of cystic acne which left more craters and scars on my cheeks, forehead, chin, neck and back. I have been dealing with acne since just before my 13th birthday. I started getting really bad cysts and pimples that left scars all over my face that were small and large. I am gay and was constantly picked on at school for my androgynous looks and rather effete manner. Then I turned into a pimply mutant freak. People at school used to ca