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  1. What exactly do all of you eat to maintain your weight yet avoid acne? I just can't think of enough stuff off the top of my head.
  2. I've been using salicylic acid for like a year and it has done absolutely zero to help. I honestly don't want to order anything online unless I'm sure it is going to work. And bijan, it's not just on my nose, it's my entire face. I'm not really sure if that would work if I tried it, but I guess it won't hurt any. I really think it might be candida or something, and maybe not blackheads. I don't know of anyone else who has it on their entire face. Then again I'm not really well educated on thi
  3. I basically have little blackheads all over my face besides my cheeks, it seems like each pore is filled with them. My nose is the worst and most noticeable (as with most people) I'm wondering if this could be candida, or anything else, or if it really is just blackheads. And if anyone has experienced similar things, and how they cleared it up.
  4. If there is a "good product" that I could get at a local store I would.
  5. I was eating around 1500-1800 calories a day, and I still lost weight that fast, I didn't expect it to happen but maybe it was because I was eating so much before. And I am definitely not pure ectomorph, I don't have that nerdy frail body type, I have an athletic one it's just not.. where I want it to be. And EddieE, thanks for actually giving me some help
  6. I'm not sure they are as concerned with acne?
  7. I was seriously eating like 3000-4000 calories a day (which generally kept my weight the same), going from that to 1500-2000 can make me lose weight, it's not that I was avoiding eating so much, it was just I wasn't stuffing my face all the time like I used to. And I'm definitely not that strict about what I eat, I just want to more-so know specifics about what I should be doing right now, what I shouldn't be doing, and what has worked for other people. I want to gain muscle weight, burn fat w
  8. Ever since I went on my "acne diet", which meant eating a lot less and eating a lot healthier, I've been losing weight. I lost 20 pounds pretty quick, and am slowly losing more. (I'm 5"10.5, Male, I used to weigh 150, now I weigh 128) From my very inactive lifestyle, I really didn't have much muscle and a lot of that weight was fat (although I didn't look fat), I just really wasn't in shape at all. Right now I still have a lot left, even though some has been burned off. What I want to do is, b