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  1. I stopped reading when I got to this. I don't think I've seen anyone who believes "everything" on/in a pamphlet, sure they might be misguided like yourself but they come here to get things all worked out in their mind. And what's this great detriment you speak of, acne.org seems to be doing just fine. The mods do their job, there aren't nutcases running their mouths that don't get put in place or warned about their behavior, etc.
  2. It seems like many conflicts center around attidues toward "alternative medicine." On the one hand we have these ultra-conservative establishment types who are loathe to even recommend a multivitamin. Then there's the health freestyler types who believe anything in a pamplet on a dusty rack in a health food store. It's these latter types we see on display here at acne.org so often, and with great detriment to the community. The following is my attempt to interject a little humor. Does your b
  3. Do you eat all raw food? I don't think that even Enig and Fallon are down on cooking.
  4. I think Mercola has blogged about the nutritional causes of lack of mental concentration. You might want to check into this. I'm just mentioning those two as they are featured quite prominently on his home page. A lot of what Mercola spouts is good advice-- whole foods, cutting stress, etc. A lot more is speculative messiah-complex stuff.
  5. Paradoxically, zinc breaks me out. I don't know why this is. I've tried many different forms of zinc and many dosages, and the result is always the same. Same for B6 and B12, but those are fairly widely known. The zinc thing is puzzling, though, because every study I have seen shows that zinc should improve acne. Anyway, my vegetarian diet is likely a bit lower in zinc, B6 and B12. Folic acid does not break me out and indeed seems to improve my acne. So, I take 3200-6400mcg per day of folic acid
  6. I severely doubt that he reads "hundreds" of studies per day. That would be a stretch even for *DA DA DA DAH! SUPER MERCOLA MAN!* Some segments of the "alternative health" field are diametrically opposite, such as Mercola and the vegetarian groups, the polyunsaturated oil people, and the high-grain granola types. Mercola regularly rails against these. True, but it is the other parts of his program that trouble me. Everyone on grass-fed, free range organic beef, chlorella and whey. Prop
  7. You don't know anyone, therefore they can't exist, correct?
  8. Mercola is a dickwad and a poor DO. His book on the bird flu, which I perused at the bookstore, is a joke. He mentions a bunch of ways to keep your immune system in good health, such as proper sleep and a no grain diet (his obsession), without realizing that it is precisely a healthy immune system that causes death in H5N1 as the immune cells overrespond. He mentions kimchi, which some studies show can increase the level of inflammatory cytokines. In short, his book can be considered something c
  9. Wow, what a thread. Guess it's time for some cubitization.
  10. Thatguy: I am wondering what your stance on waffles is.
  11. I am sorry you feel this way. I am actually 23 and a nuclear engineer. Hopefully you will read my regimen and take some of the good points you need. Good luck! I'm sure you excel in your field, but there is really nothing in your regimen, as yellowphaze pointed out. Acne is an internal problem generated by the western diet, so eat waffles? It doesn't take a nuclear engineer to figure out the the two are incongruous. And the 5-page buildup to your long, ranting post? C'mon man, that is so
  12. Provide some proof other than the breathless review articles of Price's masterpiece work.