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  1. Is Double Wear that one on the commercial, that's waterproof, where they use a stocking and spread it out and the color doesn't break apart? I don't remember the name of that one, but I was considering it. Double Wear is a tad pricey, and I have my mom buy my makeup XP so I don't know if she'll buy it for me. And I'm broke. I couldn't find the price for Colorstay on the Revlon website. If it's cheaper, I'll consider that one, too. electic_feel, I would reccomend using the powder that is the
  2. Thanks for all the replies! It's the lightest shade that it comes in, and it's pretty light. If my makeup sucks then I'm pretty mad haha. It's about $8 a bottle. I'm using Loreal True-Match in Alabaster. I'm not too keen on spending a fortune on makeup, but if anyone could reccomend a good one that preferably can be bought from Target or somewhere similar, that'd be a big help. And in regards to the eyeliner, I should probably use waterproof. I use it to line the bottom of my eye and liquid do
  3. I haven't been on these boards in like forever haha. Anyway, when i first put on foundation, it looks great, matches my skin perfectly. By the time I get home from whatever, it turns "orange" almost, and doesn't match my skin. It's also oily. If I reapply powder, it still stays off-colored. Also, when I wear eyeliner or eyeshadow, these sort of run and rub-off by the end of the day, too, if this has anything to do with it. I only apply foundation on my forehead [kindof stupid I know], and the
  4. Ayy I just bought the stuff, used it two nights, and so far haven't noticed anything, but I didn't expect anything yet. Anyone use this before? Anyone know how well it works? Thanks(: Oh and by the way, the forums smileys are really niftyy. I thought that was a cyclops. If you look at it the right way, it looks like onee
  5. The shortest time I used something was 2 weeks. I used baking soda for months, and asprin for months, and I've given up on home remedies. Anyhoo, I'm buying Murad for $60. This is a HUGE deal for me. I'll probably make a new thread when I buy it, but this is really big. I've never bought anything specifically for redmarks. This will be the first timee omgg!! anyone ever heard of it? Suggestion from this threadd
  6. Hii. I've put lemon juice (squeezed in a citrus juicer, then put into a small cup and applied by a cotton ball) on my face twice-once washing off, and one keeping on all night. When I put it on, it burns and itches really bad for a few minutes. This I take as a good sign since nothing else I've put on that's supposed to hurt, hurts (acv, baking soda, etc.). But, when I wake up, I see nothing has changed. How long should I try this before I do something else? How long does it take to clear up red
  7. Alright, I'll sound stupid. But...what exactly are latic, glycolic, and tca (cross??) peels? I know they take off a layer or something of skin, but what's the difference? What works the best (I have oily skin)? Do you put them all over your face, or just on red mark affected areas? Where do you get them? How much do they cost?
  8. alright. I'm gunna try the lemon juice straight up first, then add egg white if it doesn't work. My area that is plagued by red marks is very oily. I won't buy anything online, but I'll talk to a derm or someone to get a peel if that doesn't work. I don't remember what caused them, it seems like such a long time ago...I think it was both...anyway w00t 2 pages!! and i really have to start getting active toward finding something... and organizing my sentences...
  9. Mmmkay thanks to everyone! But I just used vaseline for about 2 days straight and it went away so this thread is no longer needed by me thanks!
  10. Hey thanks to everyone, I tried ice (hm...posted on this thread? I'm too lazy to check) and it...didn't work. I am going to try a lemon. With the egg white/lemon, do you combine them both together? I might try that after I try a lemon. ANd thanks soo much to everyone ] except the post jacker. That was pretty rude.
  11. Is jojoba oil supposed to be good for scars too? Cuz if it is then I'll buy it...
  12. I can't spend $50, because my skin isn't usually this dry. It's only been this week. It's usually very oily.