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  1. You'll get used to the website, lol. I LOVE Skyline's! Lol.

  2. -Apple Cider Vinegar- Also burns and then makes me either redder and drier, or redder and more oily, depending upon the time of year. It works once, and then your skin will hate you for this. Avoid if you have straight up rosacea. Did you mix it with water?? Putting on ACV without water will BURN your face....I put 50/50 of ACV and water in a cup and mix it every time I use it. Works great.
  3. Ask a Korean girl. Ive met a lot of asian girls (Im part asian, not being racist or anything) and Korean girls put makeup that make them look like they have skin smooth like a pearl. Every Korean girl I know have great looking skin. Turns out some of them that I knew had very bad acne skin (scar, big pores, discoloration) and the makeup they used covered it up perfectly. I never knew they had terrible skin. Now that I think about it, I've never met a Korean girl with bad skin.
  4. Im 23 . I've dealt with acne and red marks for about 4-5 years. I hated myself for many years because I was the only one in school with bad skin and it affected my confidence in everything from partying and going to school. Looking at the mirror every morning just ruined the start of my day back then. I started taking my skin condition seriously from 20. I went to skin clinics for skin peeling session and quit smoking. It helped a little with the red marks but it definitely helped a lot with acn
  5. Dont use any of those big brand names. Just wash your face with regular soap 3 times a day, put sun lotion/moisturizer when you go out, use regular moisturizer after face wash at home, and use Apple Cider Vinegar on the face at night. Keep it simple. Worked great for me. I wish I didnt so much money on those skin care brand product crap for many years.
  6. I forgot to mention about my friend. He smokes weed every single day and his face is red with zits on weird places. There was a time when he didnt smoke weed for a week and his face looked so much better. Smoking anything is bad for your whole body. If you dont want to look way older for your age, smell bad, and have terrible skin, I recommend you quit the bad habit.
  7. I smoked cigarettes for 5 years and I had acne and acne red marks for all those years. I quit smoking, started taking vitamins, got some skin peeling sessions done at a skin clinic and my face is not red anymore. If you're lucky, your skin doesnt get clogged up from smoking cigarettes. If you're unlucky, your skin gets clogged up and get acne in weird places on your face from smoking.
  8. its good to put lotion (for dry skin) after you wash your face. you should definitely drink water or sports drink that has vitamin C in it. I dont know whats good in the US cuz ive never lived there but mos of the drink sold in the US looks very unhealthy and fattening. no wonder 2 in every 3 ppl are fucking fat in america.
  9. I heard putting Vitamin C lotion on skin that is red from post acne is good...has anyone tried?
  10. I got the same prob as well....AHA soap??
  11. Its good to drink a vitamin drink after working out since you lose a lot during the workout...especially swimming. do u put lotion on ur face?
  12. It takes forever for the redness to reside....Since I worry abt a lot, I sometimes think I should put some sorta foundation on it so it dont look red and i dont have to worry abt it during the day...