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  1. god i just want to eat all your girls puss, all of your girls send me pictures of your worst picture with puss oozing out, it gets me really hard and i love it, i dream of eating all the girls puss out of there face with a spoon here.
  2. its not severe redness silly it just looks like you were in the sun you know the red right b4 that hot tan you seek in terms of looking hot doesnt your tan fade by dec or jan or do you tan in a bed through out the winter?
  3. maybe there is a reason that the drug is so expensive. i would be careful ordering accutane online like that. with something so monitored why would you risk doing it without the testing involved monthly,,, does that not worry you a bit?
  4. they make 5 mg pills for tane? i thought it was 10 mg 20 mg and 40 mg
  5. lol. i like this guy. hang in there in about mth two you wont need spray on tan due to the great flush color accutane will give ya!
  6. hi jtc. in the first month i had a really bad case of the backache your speaking of. i was really worried because it hurt even just to sit. i called my derm and he explained that with the dehydration that you have on tane your muscles may become sore because muscles as you know are made up of a big percentage of water. with the lack of water if you are not drinking tons of water (64 oz a day which is like 7 bottles of 9 oz bottles of water a day) you wil become dehyrated even more and your m
  7. tanning bad idea. you skin may turn flush and red from the dryness accutane causes,, so tanning you should not do. sunburns are pretty fierce on tane so not a good idea. you can sacrifice a tan for this cant you??? alchohol is pretty strongly prohibited but most people on tane who have a few drinks here and there are not affected. if you do you may not want to drink for about 4-5 days before blood work.
  8. hey. were you able to find cortibalm in a store or online???