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  1. I never wear moisturizer anymore, Make up sux as it melts off my oil slick of a face! Any suggestions to keep my oil at bay? I am embarrased and everyone I know doesn't have this problem, not to mention I am 30! PS-I don't understand how to do the MOM thing.
  2. I have been using Dan's cleanser and my face is oily within 2 hours, even with BP application and no Moisturizer! I need to switch back to my Avada outer peace but that's expensive! Is Dan's cleanser just not cutting through the face grease? Let me know your thoughts.
  3. The scotch tape method costs like nothing and works wonders!! Search for it on this site. Afterwards, I just wipe my face down-apply the Aveda exfoliant toner-and moisterize (at night)
  4. The tape method worked wonders for me with the post acne skin. It really costs nothing, all tho my hubby thought i was a little weird.
  5. Dan's BP is far superior but the cleanser you can really pick your own at the drug store. Just make sure it isnt a harsh one.
  6. tkersty


    I now skip the moisturizer altogether. Been on the reg so long that i get no irritation/dryness and any moist makes my skin greasy. It is so oily to begin with.
  7. The moisturizer just makes me look greasy.
  8. I am in my mid thirties. My skin (ecspecially eylids) are greasy all the time. I cannot take any oral meds because I am trying to get pregnant but it's so bad that I cannot wear eye makeup, powder, of any kind. The oil even goes into my eyes and stings. I blot all day long and nothing stops the greasy look. I have totally cleared up using Dan's reg for the past 9 months but still this is gross. I have been dealing with this for years and as i get older it gets worse. Any help would be appr
  9. doesn't do a thing, don't waste your money. Try Dan's reg! I have been clear over 9 months:)
  10. Smoking pot definitely will lead to breakouts.
  11. I only do CO (conditioner only) washes. goggle it. It works wonders and still cleans hair. Verynice indeed.
  12. Why not try Aveda Outerpeace foaming face wash...worth every penny. This is the only wash I use now and I have used EVERYTHING. Do not scrub either. Lightly wash for 9-10 sec. then pat dry. wait 10 min and use DK "treatment". After that dries Benefit "do it daily" with spf. Works like a charm! Takes 2weeks then totally clear in 3 months.
  13. go to QVC.com --Laura Gellar "baked" collection Much Better and more natural, no mess either.
  14. JANE-you can find it at walgreens for like $5 with SPF. Great stuff!
  15. BAD IDEA! if you have acne this will flare it up big time! makes the skin greasy and "dirty" feeling. Try QVC's Laura Gellar "baked" collection. Much more natural and won't break you out. BTW, BM is nothing more than a mess.