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  1. not too bad actually . Its the acne that starts out big and gets smaller. Starts out looking like a cyst and then it starts to sting which is the best part because it paints a mental image if the cyst dying in my head. Thats what keeps me from touching my acne. Anyone else's acne sting?
  2. I think you should leave that alone. I always found that if you leave your acne alone it will go away faster. I bet it only got like that because you fucked with it.
  3. I got the acne so bad on my face please help me.
  4. Yeah...its not very bad like I said, but it would be better if I had clear skin. I think ill just wait a couple more years until it goes away and if it doesn't, then ill go to the derm for the reason of having adult acne which would be more practical. I don't really want to go to the derm for something so minor..it only looks really bad right after I shower anyways.
  5. Yeah i dont really trust derms. When I went to my derm a long time ago, he told me that my scar would heal on its own(maybe when im 40).... yeah right, luckily for the forum I needled and got pretty good results. Also I took doxycycline for awhile and my acne started looking better so I stopped taking the pills but I just took one today to start again. I just don't know if I should goto the derm again when I have acne thats off and on...he might shun me away. But I'll probably end up finishing t
  6. I'm a 21 yr old male who has had cystic acne for the last 2 years of my life. I only get about 3 cyst every time but it still makes me look bad. I mean it seems that 1 cyst is all it takes to make you look bad. I was wondering if my cystic acne could be hormonal and I will eventually grow out of it? Anyone have any tips on stopping a cyst right when you see it developing under the skin? I plan on waiting it out until I'm 23 and if I still have acne by then I'm going to go see a doctor
  7. So if you haven't looked into needling, its the cure. Doctors wont tell you that because they cant make money off such a simple procedure. Step by Step: 1.Sterilize a really small needle preferably a lancet (30g). 2.Poke scar with lancet several times. You should hear a popping noise when you've broken through the scar tissue. 3.Let it bleed and scab over. DO NOT REMOVE SCAB LET IT FALL OFF NATURALLY. 4. Apply a copper peptide serum on scar everyday, twice a day. 5. Keep applying copper peptide