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  1. i get really bad cramping around my period like i said, i'm a full time grad student, so it's not like i can stay in bed anytime im not feeling well. I use to be on the pill, but i tend to forget to take it, and i have sucky insurance so it got expensive. i figured since i'm not planning on having children for a long while, the mirena seemed like a good option. i did research, and i read that the hormones are localized in the uterus. I never associated my previous acne with hormones, so i wasn
  2. oh girlfriend, first step is to dump that boy. what an A-hole. as for your skin, how long have you been on tazorac? sometimes you will break out for 6-8 weeks before the medicine starts to work. since i am probably the most impatient person on the planet, i sympathize with anyone and everyone waiting for their gel/cream to work. it is so frustrating. Try going back to your doctor. Ask for a different med if taz isn't working for you. Also, something that really helped me, was to be put on antibi
  3. wow! what an improvement. your face looks fantastic! always always always wash your makeup off before bed! this is when your skin repairs itself, so it should be nice and clean!
  4. aloha all Alright, so I know I'm only 23, but I feel like this issue might be more applicable to the "adult" population. More specifically, adult women. I had very mild, but extremely persistent acne that started when i was 18. A year later, a derm finally put me on accutane (highest dose was 40mg). It went great and my skin responded fabulously. Fast forward to 5 months ago. I decided to get the IUD mirena. It's got very low hormones (that i needed for my horrible periods) which are slowly
  5. I'd Chrisbrown her. haha i love that chrisbrown is now a verb. im going to try to use that today
  6. i'm on antidepressants and they've worked wonders on me. don't generalize
  7. i've heard not so good things about murad, so my guess would be that. i dont think one cupcake today would have caused that. good luck!
  8. bump...come on guys i need some advice!!! please!!
  9. so i've been taking septra for almost 2 months and it's worked great for me. i cleared up within DAYS it was amazing. no side effects. But here i am nearly 2 months later and i wake up and every muscle in my body is aching, my joints hurt, and i have chest pain. Could this be like a delayed allergic reaction or would i have already noticed the first time i took it? I also started breaking out a little again today...which i haven't AT ALL in the past 2 months. Am i becoming immune or allergic? Th
  10. haha so i went snowboarding in big bear last year for the first time (we don't get snow where i'm originally from) and i almost died!!! not to mention my entire body was so sore to the point that i could not stand on my own. lol i bet you're a lot better than me though! have fun next weekend while i am home alone (and single) looking like a chipmunk on valentines day. (i am getting my wisdom teeth out this thursday) =(
  11. i've been on septra for about 2 months while taking a probiotic along with it and i've been great....maybe since you've been on mino for 2 years you could be getting immune to it. Or maybe you should try eating the yogurt with probiotics instead of the capsules....could help!
  12. wow thanks everyone! i didn't think i would ever get any responses! i've been trying to eat very healthy with lots of veggies and whole grains. i'm not sure if it's had any effect on my acne, but i am feeling better. still trying to fight off a little flare up (of UC), so hopefully after thats better my skin will improve~! and as far as my uc, im convinced it's stress driven. im currently on anti anxiety medication so we'll see how that goes!
  13. i hate that!! especially when i get my eyebrows done...they basically maul my face with their hands. not to mention the weird oil rub on when they're done. i wash my face as soon as i get home.
  14. Dude thank you so much for your reply. I cant believe how fast the medication work. Just two weeks!.. wow. Maybe you can post pics for the coming two weeks. i was prescribed aczone about a month ago along with septra. my insurance didn'tcover the aczone and it was $189!!! my dr. had to override it and the insurance ended up covering all but $30...which the coupon that my dr gave me paid for. guys, if youre insurance doesn't cover this, have your dr fax them to override it!! it's a pain in
  15. lol that'd be nice!! OHH and btw...gators eat noles for breakfast :)
  16. last summer in the spring...excuse my intoxication! august...going to a highlighter party (im on the right)