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  1. Hello, Recently, I've found Isolated Soy Protein in my local shop. I'm wondering whever it could be used to add protein daily, and not cause any problem like milk would do. I lack a lot in the upper part of my body, and even excersises do nothing, since there is no mass to be changed into muscles. So, adding some soy protein shakes (mm, banana flavoured one!) would be beneficial, and non-trouble causing? I really need to gain some mass! Thank you in advance!
  2. I thought about ingrowns - but I'm not sure. Some of the lesions happen to have hair inside, but not even most of them. And these lesions appear only on these two areas - and that is strange. Also, it semms like it has begun to spread on whole my legs, but in a smaller amount. My derm did not even look at it and said something about follice infection, but nothing more. I really need help!
  3. Hello again! Here's the question: Can anyone explain what the hell is that actually? Pics: WARNING: Pics are not actually beautiful. Yea, my legs are ugly, i know it! http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/6757/leg3be4.jpg http://img25.imageshack.us/img25/410/leg2na5.jpg http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/8972/leg1nh6.jpg A short description: This "ance-like something" occurs on the upper side of my thighs, and on my calves (both!). These are small and medium sized inflamed lesions, they are someth
  4. Actually - yes. But not for everyone. Personally, I avoid anything containing Paraffinum Liquidum. But Petrolatum - it's possibly the least pore-clogging ingredient. Feel free to use it even on its own (also known as: vaseline, Vaselinum Album, etc.)
  5. I've been wondering some time ago about inheriting acne. Let's say, if I have inherited acne (from mom's side, father was totally clear) and i will have children with girl that shows no history of acne in her family (and so she's also clear), will my children have acne? Or is it a game of chance, like getting good or bad genes? I know that "acne gene" is autosomal, but is it possible that my children (male/female) will be totally clear? Just wondering. Have any ideas?
  6. Recently, I've switched my normal 4% BP cream to a 5% gel, since cream forms tend to be pore-clogging and I wanted to get as close to DKR regime as possible. My face got used to BP cream, that was really gentle, so I thought switching forms wouldn't make a difference. Day after applying gel, my face went slightly red. thought it was temporary, i went on. Day two, it was completely red! I was really scared, went back to cream and hoped nothing bad happens. I had the worst breakout in my life! My
  7. Hi! I'm curious about a few things: what are the risks of very long topical antibiotics treatments? I know that most bacteria get resistant to them after a while, but are there any more risks? Like making acne worse or not-possible to grow out of? I'm curois about that, because I'm toying around with the idea of coming back to clindamycin/BP combo (Duac here), that cleared me up completely some time ago. I'm having my prom night in matter of few months, and some other major events, and I would l