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  1. Hello... Well I'm using this soap I got at CVS pharmacy called "Savila" which is Aloe Vera... Brand... (not trying to sell it lol) "Grisi".... As for the tea tree oil it's called "Hollywood Beauty"... I have forgotten to mention I have started to drink multi-vitamins and fish oil pills ... "YUM" Anyways I have forgotten... well I haven't it's been a busy week so I can come and update. With cleaning and getting ready for my birthday which was this Tuesday I barelly have had time to come
  2. *sigh* I was pretty clear from my left side well pretty.. no I mean totally clear... Until I woke up today and found a little nice surprise below my eye and between my nose... Yes a nice cystic pimple... Awww... It's pretty flat now for some reason so it's not bothering me much. As for my pimple on my right cheek it seems to want to linger, but it's flattening itself out pretty nicely. So just 5 days away from my 20th. I'm starting to feel old. But I felt really young when I started to drive
  3. sooooo Wednesday is it? So only 6 days away from my 20th. Hope I'm "clearish" that day. My "active" pimple is drying up pretty nicely. Um today I took out my drivers permit. So yeah a picture for it is needed. I came out pretty good. I've had some stress with some of my friends who are needing me A LOT lately (meaning about 10 calls a day of 15. min each!!!). I really hope that I won't break out. Glad I can help them though but I feel that they are being to needy. Well I guess it's balancin
  4. I feel you I've decided to go gentle instead of harsh, I've been on a lot of other things and it always tends to make my skin worse. I can't do salicylic acid since I'm allergic, and a bunch of other products like clean & clear and other ones make my face supppper red and I break out like crazy. Proactiv... I just want to choke the people in their comercials lol I tried it and I broke out and my skin got way worse. I think I had better skin before Proactiv... I'm pretty sure that's what mad
  5. so today... kinda stress filled day. i had an interview hopefully i'll get the job. anyways my skin.. yes lets all talk about that Ok so my left side is still clear and my right is healing from that one pimple i managed to put some toothpaste on it yesterday and it's almost totally gone. My make-up looks pretty good today, which is good since i had that interview, and wouldn't you know it the supervisor had a really nice office with a BIG window facing against me... so I was alll WORRIED
  6. Sooo anyways I thought if I maybe started writing down my routine against acne I could ease the stress that sometimes gets built up. Anyways I tend to give things a try for about 4-5 weeks then I get frustrated and switch to something else... Which may be bad I guess, but now I have armed myself with patience and I have started a sort of new routine. Mornings: Take a shower / wash face with Aloe vera soap. When face is dry I apply toner and when that dries I apply a coat of Tea Tree oil. I the
  7. I thought I was the only one doing this... I guess not. I hate it when I "accidentally" catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror. It was worse when I used to work in the local school district... Children (you know how they are =/ ) would ask me "why do you wear make-up?" I always tried to ignore these questions, but how can you??? I mean people act like we don't know what we are doing. OF COARSE WE DO! And I say it sometimes like it has to be said "Honestly I know you wouldn't want to see me with
  8. I guess it pretty much depends on your type of skin, but give it a try you never know. My cousin tried it and it did miracles for her, she now breaks out once in a long while and her marks are gone. I can't say the same thing for me, I bought it too but it just turned my skin really red and I kept breaking out. It just wasn't for me. Good luck though, it's a question of trial and error.
  9. mmmmmmmmmm I think I'm going to try this and with that... I mean in like a few more minutes... Wish me luck
  10. All I can say is good luck to the people who can try it, because I sure can't!
  11. So, I'm new and I've been here a while... yeah just snooping, and afraid to write lol. But today I was looking @ a commercial of Skin ID, and I was like "wooooot something else I can try" Yeah I have acne, cystic acne to be more precise, and of coarse tons of red spots left for the glorious memory. Sooooo I really got interested in another "miracle" of medicines lol. Bad thing about this is I can't even try Skin ID, all because I'm allergic to salicylic acid. and of coarse the combination pe