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  1. I think you should take it as it is, compliments. I don't think she's feeling sorry for you. I'm sure you are a very pretty and cute girl. you should be flattered that people are giving you compliments!
  2. Wow! from $10/visit to free, I am so jealous! Health care costs are ridiculous in the US! and even though I have insurance, the deducible is so high that it's not even worth using unless it's for something major.
  3. So I was gonna see a Derm for the first time to get a cortisone shot, I can't believe how much they charge! For cash patients, it's $90/visit! I have insurance, but it has a $1200 deductible. I'll just tough it out and save myself the $90.
  4. I just picked up my cleanser and toner. I will try it tonight but only on my problem areas such as my nose and temple. i will update in a few days...
  5. So after reading most of all 31 pgs I ordered the cleanser and toner from Rite Aid (they come in tomorrow). i was reading their website and it said that: "For dry skin problems known as xerosis, or flakiness of the face and neck, I recommend the use of glycolic acid facial cleanser twice daily followed by a pH-balanced, high concentration glycolic acid face cream." "For oily and acne prone skin, use of a glycolic acid toner during the day helps reduce facial shine and unclog pores. It may also
  6. Same thing happens to me... I partied too hard just this weekend and I'm paying for now (on my nose)! I am so sick of it... I can't even have a little fun without breaking out afterwards.
  7. Acne and red marks on my nose has gotta be the worst! Other than that, i can't seem to find a gf for the life of me even though I have a good job, ok looks, and fairly good personality.
  8. 25 and still going strong! The weird thing is it's gone from being different places on my face to now just my nose...
  9. So I'm 25 now and had acne since 19! My acne now is mostly on my nose and I would get REALLY bad break outs about once every couple of month or so. I'm in the middle of another wave right now... I just don't have the energy or motivation to deal with it anymore. With each break out, I lose more hope and wonder if this will ever end. My nose is totally ruined and I'm really losing hope...
  10. It's definitely got something to go with compulsiveness or nervousness cause it's almost impossible to not pick after I shower everyday. And when I'm picking, I go all out until I've exhausted all options. This latest round was over 1 stupid blackhead on my nose! Now it's turned to a large dark/red around it! I first did it last night, so I threw away the desk mirror and told myself to not pick at it anymore. But sure enough, I took a shower, looked in the bathroom mirror and just went at it! I