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  1. I am on day four of water-only, and I am so far loving it!! I splash with water in the morning, and wash with water and a cellulose sponge at night. - Oh! I also spray a little bit of rosewater on my face after washing. So far only one, very small new pimple has sprouted up - and it went away just as quickly. It's very liberating to be able to leave the house without wearing makeup, I feel like this is doing a lot for my mental health in terms of helping me to stop obsessing about my skin every
  2. I've never had 'extreme' acne, but I suffer from a fair deal of redness as well as annoying (sometimes) itchy pimples across my upper cheeks and nose that just wouldn't budge with any other treatment! Around january I decided to begin a gluten-free diet (and I was already vegan) and this began to effect some changes in my skin. I was not getting the same itchy rashes I used to get, and my skin looked overall a bit clearer, but it still was not completely clear. I heard about the anti-inflammat
  3. The first and second time I took zinc, I had a very bad reaction. I took one 50 mg pill of Zinc citrate and noticed my stomach was really hurting me. I looked at the bottle and saw that it said to take te pill with food, so I ate a bit and I felt fine. The next day, I took my zinc pill with my meal, but shortly after I started to experience intense nausea and stomach discomfort. I also developed a pounding migraine. I had to stay home from my last day of term at school, and stayed in pain for
  4. To me it looks (and sounds) like rosacea.....the burning especially sounds like rosacea. I have rosacea (though not like yours) and I find being sensitive is the best approach. I only wash my face once a day (it looks a lot nicer that way!) and when I wash it is with cetaphil gentle cleanser, then I moisturize heavily with complex-15 cream. The moisturizer is the key for my skin looking nice, and it removes a lot of the redness. Someone mentioned getting a cream with spf, but if you do have ro
  5. I have more or less the same thing......little clogged pores....some of them just rub off when I'm washing my face...and theyre really not visible unless my face is wet. I think these turn to little red spots which is really the extent of my acne (tiny red spots that never come to a head and just go away) and I too wonder what it is. I am 19 now, and this (acne) has only started in the past year, so I'm not sure what to think of it. Mine are right on my nose, sides of nose, and just the area of
  6. Wow your progress is really encouraging! I don't have cystic pimples anymore(since starting birth control) but I get suspicious red marks under my skin that annoyingly never come to a head. I would really like to do an elimination diet, however I'm vegetarian and I notice you eat a tonne of meat in your diet! I'm wondering if you had any ideas for some veggie-friendly alternatives. Have you tried brown rice in your diet? I'm wondering maybe if I can get away with eating that. Thanks!
  7. The best kind of yoghurt you can eat is a plain (greek style) yoghurt. Check the label to make sure the only ingredients are milk and live bacterial cultures/probiotics (such as acidophilus). NO SUGAR! Also, you should probably get a 2% or 3.5% MF yoghurt, don't bother with the skim or no fat kind because this can lower the count of the bacterial cultures. To be honest, though I like the taste of plain yoghurt, many people don't. So I would recommend popping a few berries in to it when you eat
  8. Hey doc, I suspect I have a vitamin D deficiency (I live in Canada) and I was wondering what the symptoms of this deficiency are? I would like to get a vitamin D test from a doctor because I have a suspicion that this might be contributing to my SAD in the winter time. Do I simply ask the doctor for the test, will they willingly administer it? Also, is it covered by insurance, and if not, is it very expensive? Thanks!
  9. To be quite honest, going on birth control cleared the acne of mine that was caused by hormones. I still get whiteheads and breakouts and whatnot, but BC has totally cleared all the cysts I used to get during my period. Talk to your doctor about BC. I was put on a very low dosage of a pill that is known to be good for treating acne, so just ask your doc what is best.
  10. Coffee ALWAYS breaks me out. And I'm not talking, frappaccinos, or mochas or any of that sugary shit. Just plain black coffee....time and time again breaks me out. In fact, green tea does as well, because it has CAFFEINE. So for the people in this thread saying "Oh it must be the sugar in the cofee" etc etc. NO. And also *EnlightenMe* - DECAFF coffees and teas do contain CAFFEINE even if they say decaff. They contain a considerable amount less that normal coffee (about 1/5-1/8 the amount
  11. I am NOT a smoker and a few weeks ago I got pimples in the corners of my mouth. I think it was because I had recently changed brands of chap sticks to blistex, which is what cause those zits. So monitor what you've been putting on your lips and maybe thats the answer?!
  12. Chammomile is a natural anti-inflammatory when taken both orally, and topically. You would probably have to drink quite a few cups, everyday for some time before you started to see improvement, but chammomile is beneficial for many other ailments so it doesn't hurt to drink it. As far as rubbing the teabag on your face, it is supposed to soothe broken skin and help take out some of the redness and imflammation. This is particularly helpful if you have rosacea, or if your skin has reacted badly
  13. For those concerned with the safety of the Fish Oil supplements, here's a little article I came accross today. "Analysis finds fish oil supplements safe By Elizabeth Weise, USA TODAY Consumers who want to take advantage of the cardiac benefits of fish oil supplements but were concerned about possible mercury and PCB contamination can pop their pills in peace. ConsumerLab.com, which evaluates nutritional and health supplements, found that of 41 fish oil supplements tested, none were contaminate
  14. *Day 19*- ACV, and Flaxseed regimen. -Skin looking much clearer now. -Closed comodones or follicullitis (whatever it was) on my forehead is almost all gone. -Been having a few little minor whiteheads here and there, but they're tiny and unnoticable. -Skin is glowing. -No new cysts since I started this. (The true test will be during my period in a few weeks.) All in all, my skin is definetly looking clearer, and I think it will continue to clear up. I've stopped all other topicals other tha
  15. Does the blended fruits and greens still have the full benefit of fibre as do the whole fruits? Also, I've found the best green for mixing (taste-wise) is baby spinach! I put two cups in and cant even taste it!