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  1. My first round was 8 months and low, I think 40mg. I went in for my first blood draw this week. And when the derm got my results they called me because my triglycerides were quite high. I have to change my diet and really be monitored when they start me (my triglycerides went up because of accutane, pretty steadily each blood test.) And apparently, I wasnt in compliance with iPledge. They called to registered me again and there was a flag on my old ID. So that might slow me down getting th
  2. So, I guess my story isnt too special. I was on Accutane for around 7 months when I was 17. I only took 20mg a day. After the first course my skin was fantastic. Then I would get occasional acne in my hairline, then break out around my period, and now.... its back! My acne is no where near as bad as it was when I first started Accutane. My derm thinks that a nice little refresher course will help out. So today I resigned up for iPledge, and tomorrow morning is blood test number one (wish