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  1. cheers steve. I think i might try it anyway as its relatively cheap about £25 a session, and i went for laser appraisal and they asked me 400 quid for one session then 200 there after so if i can get like 15 acupuncture treatments and the evidence indicates it should take around 8 session before any improvement i think its worth it. Plus ive tried all western medication and OTCs now so i think i might try the eastern ones. You never know, and in my experience and knowledge of acne (which
  2. No its for my acne. not scars for my active acne.
  3. Hi guys, Its been a while since i have posted on here. Mainly cos well, i just got bored and depressed with myself. WEll thats what you get when you have acne for almost 8 years now! bloody hell. My derm is crap...just thought i get that out, for no reason. Ok so my cousin has just whats the word, finished a accupuncture course, so she is all professionally qualified and i thought i'd try accupuncture. Im goin for about 10 sessions in the new year, and ill report back here when ive had them
  4. Interesting debate guys but you dont seem to have come to a conclusion about the topic title. What causes acne.... well it appears you guys are as clueless as the whole medical science community!!!! Personally i think we're talking about genetics, environmental factors, psychological factors and a very resourceful bacteria!!! In conclusion, there are so many factors that cause acne, which is different for everyone. It could be diet, or insulin for one person (which has various implications i
  5. I took evloution X for like 6 months and it didnt do anything but destroy my bank balance!!! My guess is a logical one, but if your acne is caused by increased production of sebum then its likely to work for you. However, if your like me and have naturally dry skin anyway, then a drug, vitamin (whatever you wana call it) that reduces the secretion of sebum (oil) onto the skin isnt going to work for you. The problem you will have is resistant acne bacteria, so you have to kill the acne bacteria
  6. Hey people I'm so happy today, thinking back on all the acne products prescriptions, treatments, consultants etc etc etc So i thought id tell you how I was coming along after 5-7 months on dans, botchula and jades fantastic reigme!! Well i believe the one benefit has been my skin is smoother....hmmmm....but this is difficult to tell really, why you may ask well spots dont make your face smooth, they make it bumpy, so i guess the reigme has allowed my face to be smoother where there are no sp
  7. Im glad this has worked for you jade, now i apprecaite that if this regime is guna work its guna be a long time before it does for me. Five new spots every month?? wow you are so lucky! i get around 10-20 new spots every day!!! Ive tried everything bar accutane, and im now just giving this regime a try for two weeks, alll pustular acne still getting 10-20 whiteheads a daynot to mention the hundreds of not shifting black heads (despite the black head not so black head clearing scrub!!). But hey
  8. Hey guys We all know as men, that women have a hell of lot of options available to them in terms of hormone assistance (e.g. contraceptive pills, jasmine etc etc) but what about us guys? If we started to take these things we'd grow breasts, fun for a few weeks but you might look pretty silly after a while! So i've been looking around, basing my understanding of acne as hormonal problem related to testorone production of DHT (androgens). Anyway i've found that some people have claimed this supp
  9. I tried b-5 for 4 months, it didnt do anything for my skin. I guess it made it less oily, but given i have very dry skin already that didnt prove anything! also made pores around sides of nose bit smaller, but in all honesty it didnt do anything, and it cost me like 300 quid or more over those four months, cant be ass'd with it, However my opinion is that B5 works on the principle that acne is caused by oily skin, thus it reduces your oil production. So anyone that has very oily skin may well b
  10. Hi people!!! I'm just writing to say i have moderate to severe acne. Been using Botchula's regime for couple weeks now, ive used everything before so no adverse effects to BP or SA, but a few questions..... hmm the black head clearing scrub......does it work??? i mean everytime i use it, it works to a certain extent....come the end of the day all the black heads are back, whats the point in it??? its like washing your face with grit! i mean no difference in my reddening, all red (whole face lef
  11. Hi guys! this ACV and herbal logix sounds gud, i have just started botchula's regime and i have already very sensitive and very dry skin, so as you can imagine the SA and the BP are already making their effects felt (firstly with a lovely red tan!! and then with a lot flaky skin which i now have, and this is only after three days of use!). anyway firstly, im not sure id be able to buy the stuff given that im in the UK so anyone got any ideas there??? secondly, is the herbal logix like a mosi
  12. Hi ive just used the products for botchlas regime but i have dry skin and this making it more dry, does ne1 know of a good mositeuriser to use whilst on this regime?? should i put it on straight after washing, at night? during day?
  13. Ok im from the uk and as well you should know by now, continuous control isnt avaible here, or shipping wise. Anway i brought panoxyl bp 10% wash, thinking it would be the same as the c&c. Anyway, i used it just once and my face is very red now. has anyone else experienced redness and then drying of the skin after using the BP wash?? is there a less hardcore type of BP wash out there??? (for us UK people with senstivie and dry skin). I suffer from moderate to severe acne and have so for 7