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  1. 1 month since my third treatment... Everything has been really great since the treatments. About four days ago I had 5 new pimples come up out of nowhere, all at once and then nothing since. They are pretty much gone now thanks to my ThermaClear. And no it isn't because of my cycle (2 weeks away). One quick breakout a month I can handle. Red marks are going away, SLOWLY. But I guess that is better than nothing. My skin is still super smooth. Overall I am still happy with the results! I
  2. 2 weeks after 3rd treatment, little over 2 months from the first... Here is the breakdown: Feels TONS better, but doesn't look great yet. But again, takes 3-4 months for full affects. Only been 2 and a half. Texture: Soooo much softer than before. Oil production: pretty much the same as before, haven't noticed a big difference. Pores are pretty much the same size. Cystic acne: almost gone. Just a few shallow stubborn ones that I have had for a while now. No new ones since the third treatme
  3. 3 days after 3rd treatment My face is really dry and starting to flake. Not near as bad as the second time. And you can't really tell unless you are starring at me and you are really close. I have had one rather large pimple come up on my cheekbone, but nothing else. Red marks look a little better from the microderm but nothing significant. Soooo, nothing too exciting except dryness. Not that dryness is cool or anything, Just something to report.
  4. Try Thermaclear. I love love love it! It gets rid of my cystic pimples very quickly. Like 4 days instead of weeks. Little painful on some places. But I am so glad I bought it. http://www.thermaclear.com/ And here is a comparison of Zeno and Thermaclear http://bellasugar.com/1076003
  5. 3rd and Final treatment... It has been about 20 hours since my third treatment. It went just like the other two. Cleanse, microderm, acetone, 1 hour of levulan, and 22 minutes under the light. The process felt a lot like the first time and was not nearly as bad as the second time. I think this was because I don't really have any breakouts right now and before the second time, my face was not doing great. This time around, the levulan stung and was itchy going on but subsided after about 5 min
  6. Oh, sorry. I hadn't honestly taken the time to read it yet, but now that I have, here are my thoughts... Well I didn't take that it to mean that acne gets worse with both levulan and blu-u than from blu-u alone. It seems to just not make much difference....From what I understand from the article, it seems that blu-u alone is better for those with moderate acne and the combination of both is better for those with more severe acne. Which I could see as true, just because of the results of the The
  7. Well I am really pleased with the results along my jawline. I used to get a lot of deep and painful cystic acne and now it hasn't been like that for about a week and a half. But on the other hand, I have gotten more cystic acne on my cheeks...But I know that purging is to be expected. Right now, I have about 4-5 cystic pimples total on my face. The problem is I still have a lot of red marks, so it doesn't LOOK a whole lot better, but FEELS a lot better. So overall, I am happy with the resu
  8. It doesn't look that different from the 1 week after the second treatment because my cheeks are about the same. But it is hard to tell in the pictures, but the cystic acne on my jawline is almost gone. Just two very shallow ones. Also, I have a fair amount of red marks and as most of you know those won't go away in a week. Here is the link to the pictures 2 weeks after second treatment. http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w98/gru...ter2nd-both.jpg And so you don't have to go looking for the
  9. 12 days after my second treatment, and 36 days after my first... Well my face is looking much better than my last post. I have a couple deep cystic ones on my right cheek right now, but they are going down little by little. My jawline is almost completely clear (2 tiny ones - one on each side). I have noticed zero difference in my oil production. Some of the red marks have gone away, but I think that is from the microderm. I have not had a new pimple come up in about 4 days. This is a new recor
  10. Well, this is the first major treatment I have done. But I have been on a large variety of product over the last 10 or so years. Some that I have used the most of are Retin-A, benzamycin, differin, Jan Marini products, dermalogica, and other random ones. Over the last 2 years, I have had pretty regular acne facials (every 6-8 weeks) and these often included some kind of peel. Most everything I have tried has done a decent job at making sure the acne didn’t get any worse, but nothing was prevent
  11. It has been one week and one day since the second treatment and my face is exactly the same from the very beginning. The pimples are just in different places. It seems like my face is looking great, or looking bad. There does not seem to be much middle ground and it changes from day to day. I don't know what else to say at this point... Below is a link to the before and one week after the second treatment pictures. http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w98/gru...oreandafter.jpg Not much differen
  12. 5 days after second treatment... Well all of the peeling and flaking has stopped. My face still feels a little dry, but nothing too noticeable. Apparently my face is purging again...I got about 5-6 new pimples yesterday and today on my cheeks and jawline. And I haven't seen any change in my pore size. I don't know. I am feeling discouraged right now, but hopefully it turns around.
  13. 3 days after 2nd treatment... My face is flaking quite a bit, which is unfortunate because I have work.. It is focused on my chin and cheeks. It is very dry, tight, and a little itchy. This is much more of a reaction than the first time around and I find that kind of amazing that only 5 additional minutes of the blue light causes this much more flaking and peeling. For those of you thinking of getting this treatment, I would recommend staying away from people if you embarrass easily and you m
  14. 30 hours after 2nd treatment... All day yesterday and this morning my face was very red and painful. Right now, it is still pretty tender, very tight and very dry (mostly on my cheeks, chin, and jawline). The redness has almost completely gone away. No new pimples have come up; the old ones feel like they are drying up and a little scabby. Moisturizer only does so much because it is soo dry that it just sucks it away... Nothing too different than last time except the initial pain level increas
  15. 6 hours after my 2nd treatment... I got my second treatment of the levulan and PDT today (3 weeks and 3 days after my first). It was a little worse than the first time... Same process. First a cleansing, then a microdermabrasion. She did a few extractions and then cleaned my face with acetone. The acetone stung a lot more than the first time...I am not sure why, but she gave me a fan and that helped a lot. Next was the 2 layers of levulan. That also stung a lot more than the first time. The fa