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  1. I'm curious, since I cant get jojoba oil where I live, could I use emu oil instead? I mean, does it has a simillar effect? I never consider it, cause I though it wasn't safe for acne, like the only oil I've heard that isn't comedogenic, or clogges pores is jojoba oil... Anyone?
  2. Well, Im just gonna give you my review on this product (since I got surpsised for the ones at makeupalley.com) I hate it. My cousin suggested I tried it (she worked at a drugstore and recieved a sample). I bought it in their lightest shade avaible here, '15 opal'. The color was fine, however the texture felt kinda oily and really liquid. It didnt gave me the coverage I needed, and it lasted on my skin like an hour, then it simply rubbed off even with the lightest touch on my skin (like if my no
  3. I actually bought the Vanishing Cream today. It was quite expensive (and in my country they don't give samples ) so I REALLY hope it doesnt break me out. So far (I just put it on once) my skin feels softer, but it doesnt give me the feel of 'I have moisturizer on' that I get with others (wich is really good). I am really picky when it comes to moisturizers, so this was the only one from Lush that I considered (It doesn't have Propylene Glycol, wich I don't know WHY i'ts stuck in my head it
  4. Hi! I use Eau Thermal Avene Moisturizing self-tanning lotion, its for face and body, but i just use it on my chest and back (i also have acne there, but my face has too much inflammed acne to use it), and it works fine. It says its for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Hope that helps! bb
  5. yeah i feel its like 'if it helps, bring it on!'. i've had my skin swollen, flaky, red, etc because of treatments, i just wish the would have actually worked, heh. it so cool you were counselor at a girls camp! here there arent many things like that. it sucks, but most kids are like that... too direct. hope you had a great time, though. i wish i could use bare escentuals, but i

  6. and ya i hate that when kids comment. i was a counsler this year in a summer camp for little girls...one girl drew a picture of my and her ovocurse with red spots all over my face- i ran to the bathroom and starting balling. then the others were always asking me why my face was red and i had spots. i told them cuz i was special and i liked them there. i hate when kids ask stupid questions like tha

  7. ya..problem is ijust found out i have to wait a whole month now to start the dosage- has sometihng to do with the blood work and birht control. thankfully i dont have to go on it cuz my dads good friends with my dermatologist. but i stil have to wait a month cuz aparently its the law. so that just means a whole month longer of being on it. but im sorry bout the subway story. i use bare essentials

  8. ooo thanks for the comment! i love dcfc lol i was actually just listening to them. Does that moisturizer work well for you? I keep switching mine bc I cant find one that works!

  9. Hi kiwi! Im also new here :} I had that same problem in highschool, no one had acne as severe as mine (since 7th grade). Even though I didnt heard them calling me names (wich didnt mean they didnt) I know its really hard, like I felt people just ignored me.That really has affected me and I wish I had this forum to get all this support before! (hmmm theres a cat/dog fight outside...random ). You should really keep on going out and talking to new people, when they get to know you, they will not ca
  10. but hey, youre on accutane! hope that works really well, i cant wait to see ur improvement :] (sad i couldnt take it, tough)



  11. i know, and even if it sounds crazy, i feel that people dont want me near them... once i was on the subway, and 3 kids stand RIGHT next to me, one of them (was like 13 years old) looked at me, looked at his friends/brothers and said 'she has so much acne', i just wanted to hit him! and all the people were silent, so i felt everybody looking...