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  1. Personally i've never had a problem with the cycline family in my 6 years of using and i've actually lately been more focused and even with more energy than usual on a higher dose. I do think people should be tested as to whether or not they will react adversely, if not by blood cultures than maybe even gene testing incase it's due to a certain protein synthesis in the bodythat cause the increase in spinal fluid production when you take a cycline.
  2. I wanted to avoid the hyper pigmentation so never used my prescription for it, although i had the idea of testing it on say the back of my leg to see if it'd leave hyper pigmen:P
  3. If it's a deep pimple and you want to remove the root without leaving scars(and please don't argue as i've done this for like 6 years:() get a face cloth, warm some water until it's just steaming, then immerse the cloth in the water and lightly drain it, then wrap it in clean film(plastic wrap) and place on the pimple. Now be very careful with this method, it only works on those ones on the lower epidermis layer NOT the cystic ones that can reach into the dermis and even cases of the adibose(my
  4. God gda_11 got it in one, can't even remember the last time i didn't think about my skin but it's clear enough now to be almost irrelevant but it's hell, and people can't understand how crushing some days are unless they go through it.
  5. The packaging, instructions and even your dermo reccomonds(if their doing their job), that mino isn't suited for women due to the tendcy for these exact coomplications(occuring in 50-70% of women while around 20% of men on prolonged comsumption).
  6. Well lym is actually weaker than minocycline, Minocin is as i said about 32 times stronger than any other tertracycline you can take here's some info; Minocycline hydrochloride, also known as minocycline, is a broad spectrum tetracycline antibiotic, and has a broader spectrum than the other members of the group. It is a bacteriostatic antibiotic. As a result of its long half-life it generally has serum levels 2-4 times that of most other tetracyclines (150 mg giving 16 times the activity levels
  7. Well my regime is this; 1 100mg Minocin in the morning, Duac at night(sudocrem if i get a sore one). Now that makes out like i've barely any acne and only the typical pimples we all get, I assure you it's not the case. I had sever and aggressive cystic acne at 13 but controlled it until about last november when it flared up again. I then decided to go back on medications and none of the tetras worked so i visted a dermo and went on Minocin, i'm now about 90% clear and just waiting for those ann
  8. You have to watch your diet on tetra, mino works pretty much regardless of what you eat and works alot better in my opinion.
  9. I've been wondering, people keep saying they're worried about bacteria numbers reducing in their intestine becoming low I'd like to see some concrete figures and consequences. Personally i'm curious as to why people assume that the bacterial levels won't increase after you stop your dosage.
  10. All those in four months? You really over did it, you should have finshed a course of tertra and seen how that turned out but personally i find Minocin the best biot, it took maybe ten weeks to work but it's amazing. I typically use only water to wash my face, alot of Duac cream at night and 100mg of Minocin every morning(which is about 32 times stronger than any tetra). I was on Tetra for almost 4 years before visiting a dermo.
  11. Alright music is essentially my life, i live around music. I'm also a writer so to me everything i write has to have a musicality to it, a certain flow. Right to business! Make a list of the major activities in your life and list the artist/genre that makes it better!! Well i hope this gets a few laughs and cheers up a few people! When i'm walking-Papa roach! Lying in the sun-Jack johnson Partying-Dropkick murphys, 99 red balloons, Papa Roach( i love them @[email protected]) Activities with my girlfriend-Man
  12. I know what you mean man, i got clear and suddenly i got alot more attention, including friends who were suddenly attracted to me and even now i can't accept it and i get so angry with people trying to tell me i look good or that they're attracted to me. We all get it i guess, i still hate mirrors and that first look in the morning still scares me for no reason.
  13. Differin seems to be the "new" topical dermos are trying out and most peopl seem to get the adivce to stop if it get too agressive. You know curing acne would actually take very little effort in comparison to the lenghts they go to making various drugs that only work sometimes for a period of time.
  14. I went to a dermo for the first time(after 5 years of jumping from antibiotics and various topicals) and then i got differin. Worst thing ever, it's a retnoid and it did not agree with me one bit. They damage took about 4 months to repair and i only used it for about 2 weeks, i know it's meant to work slowly but i couldn't move my face without severe pain. I also take minocin 100mg once a day and after 4 months on it i get no new break outs(besides the typical one here or there that everyoen get
  15. I've had mild to moderate acne for just over five years now, although when I was thirteen it was terrible. My doctor told me if I had picked at them or tried anything along those lines I would have received serious scarring. Luckily I was so depressed from it I left it alone. Then he put me on Lymcycline and it was amazing! It's great because it's nearly 3000 times more soluble than other medications which means it can be absorbed much quicker and take effect faster. Recently I had a mild breako