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  1. ive had spots since i was about ten and i remember thinking that none of the girls in my school seemed to have any. Now, i scrutinise everyone I meet, checking out their skin, probably because im so envious that i will never ever have nice skin. I even met a girl at uni recently whose acne was pretty bad but somehow it kinda suited her, it didnt look repulsive, just like part of her.
  2. Shit, thats a pretty bad experience. I decided to just order two tubes (i didn't realise the shipping charges increased for each extra tube, i thought it was all the same, however many you ordered), i think that comes to about £20 including the postage.
  3. I emailed the 'acne supplies' people and they said that all the orders are generated automatically so they can't help me out by understating the value of the contents. Looks like im gonna have to risk it. I'm gonna go for three tubes, four is just over the limit by a few pence i think.
  4. it seems as if we are alone with this type of skin!
  5. What i do is, apply the bp a little at a time and make sure that it is fully absorbed before applying a bit more, etc etc. You can apply more this way cuz it doesnt just get mooched around your face and fingers. This has been working for me. Good luck Ps, if you don't have the euricin moisturiser recommended on the regimen, you should get it. I just ordered some and have used only twice so far, and it's so much better than any of the other crap ive been using before. It burns abit after you
  6. yeah you should straight ask dan about it, cuz theres proably some reasonable explanation. I got mine in a few days and i'm millions of miles away in England.
  7. Yes! Mine is like this, and I have been thinking the same thing as you. I dont know if mine are cysts (cuz the description on this site makes out like they are VERY bad, and deep and last months). Mine do last weeks though, especially if i dont get that gunk out of them. My acne used to be on my fore head, when i was younger, which quinoderm got rid of. Then it came back pretty bad when i was about 18, on my cheek areas, which eventually antibiotics got rid of. Now, I have them on my chin (
  8. Hi I have previously ordered one tube of dan's bp gel and now want to order some more, but i think i should order more than one tube this time cuz the shipping costs are as much as the stuff (as everyone will probably know). HOWEVER, I'm confused about the import tax stuff, from what I can make out from Customs & Excise is that you're allowed £18 worth of stuff imported in (not including shipping costs), before you have to pay import tax. Has anyone from the UK ordered more than on
  9. ive just turned 25 and still got it Have been doing regimen for 4 weeks now, and definately an improvement. I'm just confused as to how if so many adults have acne, how come i've never seen any?
  10. this is good to know, thank you. I was a bit worried : unsure: about how long it would take to get here (i'm in england), but now i shall go ahead and order.