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  1. Thanks for the kind words everyone, I am going to be talking to my derm next week about alternative treatments, but unfortunately I am really no where near clear.
  2. Well I'm in my 10th week now and am just beginning to think about stopping my treatment. I am going to finish out month three, which would be the rest of the box's I have. I have so far seen very little improvement, but thats not the reason I am going to come off. I have gradually started to become more and more agressive and angry. To the point where I want to hurt people very, very badly and I don't think its too healthy, on top of that my libido is extremely low and orgasms are almost non-exi
  3. I give you ammence amount of credit for dealing with what you are, even though you are not looking for that, you just want justice served and the true long term side affects advertised, which is completely understandable and honestly I would like to know them aswell, so whatever information you have regarding these "people" on the inside please share it. I really do feel for your pain thou. Stay strong, all good things come to those who wait. You will in time be able to alleviate some if not all
  4. exactly the drug I was thinking of. Thank you.
  5. I really dont think I can wait that long. I will literally go insane. It just keeps getting harder and harder to cope with it mentally, especially because I cant stay home and hide, I have to go out into public every day.
  6. I know there are a number of people on here who are/have taken antibiotics while on their Accutane course. I know you cannot take any of the "cycline" family, so which ones work? I really need to get my derm to prescribe some because I'm in my 3rd month and still no improvement, and I can't take it any longer. So please, if your on it or you know what I'm talking about can you give me the names of some? Thanks
  7. I'm Happy your seeing good results with your current regimine but the best damn thing I ever did was stop using those horiffic OTC drugs/creams/washes. I wash my face once a week with water. Thats it. And I have never been this clear in years. It's actually kind of amazing how the body can really take care of itself if you let it. Check out this thread. It was my inspiration. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/WASHING-F...TH-t194108.html
  8. Thats really interesting. I'm going to look more into that and how it works.
  9. I'm almost positive it has to do with overirritating, or atleast in my case and probably several others. That first week I did not wash my face just continued to get better and better it was amazing. Then I washed my face on the 6th day and my face was looking even better, then on the seventh I got a little greedy and thought hmm my face looks great and I feel dirty from not washing so much let me just wash again its no big deal. Bam next morning started breaking out all over again. Sooo I guess
  10. WOW!!! is all I have to say. I kid you not people. This really works. Honestly at this point I'm starting to question the whole "cause" and "cure" of acne to begin with. I have come up with a little theory of my own. Here it is: In the early stages of acne everyone starts off with one pimple, this one pimple is never bad or obtrusive or irritating but since it is a new thing it makes you self consious. You end up self medicating yourself with all these OTC creams and washes and harsh chemicals w
  11. little update. My face began to settle down a bit early last week. That means my IB was 2 1/2 weeks!!!! I was finally starting to see some progress, then I ran out. I can't get it refilled untill my bloodtest results come in and I put the blood test off to the last minute because I havent had any time at all to take care of it. So finally tomorrow I shoud be picking up my third month. I Broke out really badly the day I ran out It's horrible I have about 15-20 pustules right now and I hope it d
  12. I'm on accutane and I think I'm going to try this. Waterwater...if your still alive...What do you do for shaving? What kind of shaving cream do you use if any? and what kind of razor do you use? any special techniques? anyone else have some suggestions?^^
  13. hmmm I think I might join this experiment, if it's not to late. I'm a male and I have always had an extrememly high sex drive and usually masturbate/have sex 2+ times a day. I remember a year or so ago I tried this experiment in a desperate attempt to stop my acne, along with some topicals and I was clear for a good 3-4 months. I have since not been able to replicate those results...so I'll try it again. I will let you know I am on accutane thou. I am starting my third month tomorrow, but I am n
  14. I actually think its the complete opposite. Not moisturizig your skin can lead to extreme dryness and as a result over production of sebum whiich in turn cloggs up pores and causes acne even more than it would have before. Before I had started to use accutane I had tried every single thing there way to dry my face out and you know what, it just made me break out even more because my face was trying to over compensate for the lack of sebum. When I first started accutane I had still been usuing th