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    aw, your face doesn't look too bad... oh - and rockin' ink!
  2. it's totally your call and depends how much acne effects your life. if it's not too bad then you may want to try waiting it out - maybe try a different cleansing product. but in the end only you can decide if your skin makes you unhappy enough to go back to the topicals. either way, before you decide anything discuss it w/ your derm and ask about other options he/she may think will benefit you. i went thru the exact same thing - was even on the same topicals as you until they both started adver
  3. tane has about an 85% cure rate... 10% of people may need a second round of treatment... 5% of people it does nothing for... don't get too discouraged yet, as said above - sometimes you don't see improvment until after you finish your round of treatment - accutane effects everyone differently. when you finish, if you wait a couple months and still see no improvement go back to your derm and see if maybe another round of tane will do you good or if there's something else your derm may be i
  4. mine's itchy too, but only when new ones are forming it seems. i don't think moisturizing would help me thou since my face is anything but dry.
  5. so in a couple weeks i'll be starting accutane after dealing with cystic acne for way to long. anyway, i've been reading over the journals and various articles i've found on the net and i have one remaining question... smoking on accutane? should it be avoided? i found a few posts where it said you should not smoke while oon the drug and other posts where people said they continued smoking with no problems? i could wait to ask my derm but that's still a ways away and i'm a little anxious for
  6. those scars don't look bad at all honey! don't fret so much about it - i would kill for my face to look like your face does.
  7. i can't stand them either, esp. when they show the celeb's face and all you see is like 2-3 whiteheads - it's like, come on! seriously? omg - you celebs would totally kill yourselves if you had my face! and i also wonder... in all those before and after photos they show - like on the proactiv commercial... how much makeup do you think the caked on for those after photos? and if so, how bad was their breakout after that? to make myself feel better i like to think it took weeks to recover...
  8. i had a "friend" one time assk me what happened to my face, then adding that it used to be sooo pretty when i was younger and that i might want to look into doing something about it.