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  1. oh i haven't got one yet... i need one though which one would you recommend?
  2. should u apply it after bp or after bp thanks
  3. i do the regimen in the morning and night and I try not to touch/wash myface with cleanser/even just a quick splash with water. Sometimes after school my face feels reallly gross and oily.. should i wash my face? shower? just water? cleanser?? thanksss
  4. i think i have the same thing. white little hard bumps, dont really have heads they don't go away quickly. HOW DO U GET RID OF EM (look at pic) nose.bmp nose.bmp
  5. how long should i hold the ice cube on my big monsterous juicy pimple (its actually just a hard bump) for and when should i do it?
  6. will it also work if I go to the steam room at my local swimming pool?
  7. one more question....... moisturizer at night? yes or no? and if so how long should u wait after applying bp. 5? 10? 15minutes?
  8. I just got the Cetaphil, oily skin cleanser and i'm wondering if this one is any bette or worse than the Cetaphil gentle clenser.. THANKS
  9. Dan, can u recommend me a good cleanser?? cuz obviosuly that phisoderm one isn't so good.. Thanks
  10. well, the cleanser I use contains 2%SA, and Dan said not to use that so i'm currently looking for a new cleanser..
  11. does this cleanser ACTAULLY have ingredients that rids acne?? thanks
  12. so it's just the cleanser I need to change right? Also, how long, exactly, should i wait to apply the bp after cleansing my face AND how long should I wait after that to apply the moisturizer.. thanks:)
  13. i'll write absolutely everything that touches me face and how, every product well i already did that, and describe my skin problems in detail tomorrow.. i'm getting pretty tired. Thanks guys, it really means a lot.
  14. how should I take the picture because, ALL MIRRORS ARE different. I look at one mirror and my skin looks great i look at another it looks horrible. This goes for pictures too. soo.. how should I take the picture with my digital camera.. thanks