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  1. Honnie Could you give me some advice on clearing up forehead acne? That's my major issue.
  2. I tried the blackhead scrub. It works well. Is it worth getting the other wash? Or should I still keep trying to wash my face with my own urine and Nuetragena products? lol
  3. I smear poo all over my face and it gets rid of all my blackheads. It's amazing. Try it.
  4. I just tried this. First time. When did the people who've done this treatment start noticing results?
  5. I believe we've all got a lot of the same stuff in our urine. Urea, for sure.
  6. I'm going to try this, too. So I take a refreshing pisser in a cup (that I don't plan on drinking out of, ever again), grab a q-tip or cotton ball, and rub it all over my face? Then wash it in the morning? Sounds really interesting. And it's free. Awesome.
  7. I realized my Pert shampoo was 2-and-1... Shampoo & Conditioner. Before, I used to only use the shampoo, which never gave me this problem. That may have to do with it, and I'll check out the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate later. I wash my face about twice daily. Once in the morning with regular soap, and then I add my Nuetragena gel... Then, when I get home from school, I'll wash with soap, the black head scrub, and use the gel again, after. I'll do it a third time if my head feels greasy or so
  8. I just can't believe or understand why I'm breaking out lately. I've seriously never had an acne problem since I was going through puberty or so. I'm trying a new shampoo, just in case... and cutting back on the hairspray. I'll also be getting my haircut Friday, which may help to further keep the hair out of my face. The spot gel seems to be effective, but isn't ridding me 100% of the acne. Are there any OTC lotions to reduce the redness of old pimples, and fade the marks they left? Should I
  9. I thought Proactive was crap. It didn't do a thing for me.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm pretty new here. Just joined. I thought I'd get right down to business and ask for you advice: I'm a 19 year old male. I haven't had acne as bad as I do now since 6th grade. Since then, it's been very mild. However, starting in July or so, I've been getting increased acne on my forehead... it seems like I get 1 - 3 new pimples per day. It all started after I started work. I used to clean my face with rubbing alcohol in between shifts, to keep everything clean. Didn't really