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  1. Hi. I looked at the pics posted above. You are such a pretty girl. I really hope the accutane works for you!! Good luck. It stinks waiting the 30 days to get the medicine but it is totally worth it!! Thank you for the photo comment! sidenote- I use a white shadow to highlight my browbone then the silvery blue on my lids. Also I blend midnight blue shadow into my black eyeliner.
  2. Do you think that maybe it's because you are drinking less beer since you said you only need to drink 7 instead of 13? ) I kid. But really.... it's a possibility.
  3. hey! my doctor is supposed to register me and then the ipledge ppl will send me something via email. i have to wait a month before i can officially start accutane. did you receive similar info? it could be because i am a girl. Its a little chaotic the whole ipledge thing. The doctors office registers you. The ipledge program or your doctors send you a password. I never got mine so had to call the 800 # from the website. Your username is the # on your ipledge card. You will also have to give th