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  1. Hey Oldguy! one of your old posts was just resurrected. I remember you, funny man...lol...I hope all is good with you and life is treating you well =)

  2. heya oldguy, wondering if u still come here. Keeping up the restylane injections? Hope its all going well.

  3. I am still around. Just not as much these days. I just got some more Restylane a few weeks ago, but other than that I think I sort of moved on with my life. I'll never have completely smooth skin like a model, but that's... ok.
  4. oldguy


    If I can insert my own theory here... I think it may be more about the actual act of a needle cutting into and breaking up scar tissue rather than saline doing anything useful. Although, the saline may help to prevent the scar tissue from reconnecting - and of course it would be sweet to plump/smooth your scar out, albeit temporarily. Cheers /theory
  5. Hi, I don't know why you wouldn't just have TCA Cross done by a doctor using 100% TCA. It is a proven way to deal with acne scars. About the: "2% salycilic acid in the morning to break up the scar tissue" That isn't going to work; it just isn't strong enough to break up scar tissue. SA is really only good for clearing pores and tightening up the skin, anyway. You seem to be one of the many people that longs for a topical that doesn't exist. I hope you don't take offense to that statement, becaus
  6. The FAQ has some great info on the different scar types. You seem to have all 3 of them. TCA Cross can help with boxcars and icepicks, and it is usually not helpful on rolling scars. That is probably due to genetics and a person’s age. TCA Cross needs to be done at least 4 times for a decent improvement, so I don’t know why you would take a week off of work. Large rolling scars can usually only be “fixed� with fillers, from my experience, and I think that if you improve
  7. Hi, I wanted to say that keeping TCA Cross scabs moist is not a good idea. this is a quote from the TCA Cross study at http://www.cosmeticskin.com/skin-acne4.shtml
  8. Hi Sean, I'm replying here just for the benefit of others who may be interested. I think that a full series (say 5-6) of TCA Cross could improve your boxcars and icepicks quite a bit. The rolling scars could be instantly plumped with a temp filler such as Restylane, Perlane, or Sculptra. If TCA Cross didn’t give you enough improvement, you could do punch floats followed by dermabrasion, for the most stubborn boxpicks.* My personal feeling about Exoderm is that; if it worked well for acne
  9. It's ok, I was wearing my helmet. ←
  10. This is the part where I start private messaging you and ask what you're wearing.
  11. lol I think Healtysceptic is a plant. Btw nodoubt, why aren't you sleeping?