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    My interests. Hmm everyone and everybody always asks that. I like being a guy on a beach with my puppy just chillen with a huge glass of milk. Don't care if its skim or whole milk, it really does the body good. My pup doesn't care either. He justs like to surf with me and try to eat the seagulls
  1. Hey guys I finally made it back after three hurricanes, and now we have TS Jeanne coming for us this weekend. Anywayz, I got some updates. Went to my favorite aunt's wedding last weeked in Chicago. I worked tirelessly to have a good complexion, since I was in the wedding party. The day before the wedding I woke up at 2 in the afternoon (finally), walked to the mirror and saw a red mark starting to form right above my lip. I muttered a couple of explicatives and then hopped into the ice cold sho
  2. Hey, always have the hope. Everyone is different, and so is their skin. Don't be envious over someone's skin; love the skin that you are in and good things will definitely come. Cheers! MiKeY
  3. Thanks man. I try my beary best! Cheers! MiKeY
  4. I got MVP Health Plan, from Upstate NY. I was paying about $100 per 10 pills of Accutane, and this was about a year ago. Talk to your doctor as well as call a rep at your insurance and found out exactly what they cover and don't cover and specifically mention Accutane. Cheers! MiKeY
  5. Hey no worries Mr Viper. Call it whatever you want, have fun with it. Just remember, Blistex is your friend when Accutane takes the the dry skin to the new level. Cheers! MiKeY
  6. Whats cooking today? This treatment sounds like a breakthrough, and hopefully will give more people hope in the future. Technology, creams, pills and lasers can do alot, but it requires a little bit of courage and hope from the patients side. Don't ever lose sight of who you are, and the acne will never take you. Win the battle, win the war, keep on chugging guys! Cheers! MiKeY
  7. Accutane's patents expired, so now all the other companies can come in and make the isotretinoin. I completely agree with Parker. Let the Tane do its job and make sure you become great friends with the makers of Blistex. You'll be smokin this stuff like its your job, just don't literally smoke it. Cheers! MiKeY
  8. Oh one more thing. Everyone starting Accutane before heading out of your humble abode, don't fret it at all. Most people you will meet at college, including some of the older folk...(cautiously those of us above the age of 35, don't hate me!) are on some type of acne treatment. No one can really escape it, and most of the fears you face going through middle and high school disappear on the college scene. Of course you'll run into those people who need to have the "perfect guy or girl", and usual
  9. I was in the dorms for basically the whole Summer B semester as they know it down here. Being from the North and moving to the South, you have to get accustomed to alot of things, especially most Southerners thinking they have it over on us Northerners, especially me being from New York, the land of 3 feet of snow every single day. Anywho, I was in the dorms with a transfer student from UCF. I brought the idea to him about getting our own place, since he is 20 and had already had an apartment.
  10. Like you, I didn't have the cystic acne. Just mild acne that was persistent. Sometimes I would get that "stand alone guy" but mostly they were a couple of them, but rather small. Nothing huge and nothing too bad, and I never seem to get them on my nose or back, just my chin area. I consider myself lucky but I do give Accutane all most all of the credit. Stick in there. There are alot of things worse in life. Cheers!
  11. Yea, the clindamycin cream does work, alot better than just some of the OTC stuff. My doc told me to use it twice a day, because it helps keep the moisture levels of my skin at a good level. Listen to what your doc says and follow his advice. Of course you will get that occasional stubborn breakout, but the intensity/severity of it isn't at all bad, and they usually don't go to that "full blown" stage. As we all know, everyone's body is different, and how we react will be different. Have fun at
  12. Yea, we all get irritated like that. Guys and girls, and probably dogs and cats. Who knows. Just tell them that you are you, and not living their lives. Just have a great time with who you are, and bring the makeup along. Usually a woman looks her best without her makeup, especially in the morning. Simply b e a utiful! Cheers!
  13. Here he goes again. I am originally from Upstate New York, in Albany if anyone knows of it. Graduated high school back in May, and now spent my first summer at college down in Daytona Beach. Finally the semester is over and I can relax for about 10 days before I go back to class. Outstanding. I will admit I had my jitters, starting almost a whole new life, moving on in this fast paced world as an "adult". Alot of teens, especially a few of my friends, couldn't comprehend the overall picture. A
  14. Nah to post pics, just create an album and off you go
  15. Its been about a year since I have been off the infamous or famous Accutane. Haven't had any side effects, that I know of, yet. My hair didn't fall out and I didn't go too insane. My skin was dry, really dry, yet what can you expect. My doc warned me that the occasional pimple would come back, and it did. So no I am on clindamycin cream, which is a very good moisturizer. I was on Differin after Accutane, but living in the Northeast at the time didn't play well with the dryness in the air and the