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  1. I'm back from my treatment. It was very f*cking painful. If you all know my subcision history, each subcision I did was with NO anesthetic or numbing cream. Today the nurse put numbing cream on 20 minutes before treatment. It didn't help, my skin didn't even feel numb. Anyway, she did subcision for only a bit before filler. It probably hurt the same as the first time. Second and third time doing subcision didn't hurt anywhere as much as the first and now this time. Subcision is good to do just b
  2. Good evening all. Just thought I'd update you all regarding my acne scar treatment. Tomorrow I am going in for dermal fillers, esthelis is the name of the particular filler they will be injecting. Quick recap of my treatment history: 7 fraxel restores, 3 vbeams, 10 months of dermal stamping, and a ton of serums, creams, lotions, and topicals in general. Have also had 3 subcision treatments. I mainly have boxcar scars however do also have some rolling and ice pick. The boxcar scars are the
  3. In terms of lasers I've had seven fraxel restore treatments and two or three vbeam treatments. The doctor you have will make a huge difference in regards to explaining realistic results and potential side effects. I went in to my treatments extremely desperate and wishful without the knowledge or anywhere near the knowledge I have now. As a result, my experience with restore was disastrous. After seven treatments I guess my scars look more smoothed out but the depth is still very apparent. I bel
  4. What is it in relation to your acne scars and how will this new year be different to the one that is about to end? For myself, I want my social life back. For atleast three years I have been dictated by my scars in almost every aspect of my life and before that my life was being consumed by acne. I have already started going out with close friends and been approaching girls. Do I feel shitty and self conscious, yes but when Im occupied I don't constantly obsess. Please everyone try and
  5. Congratulations should be in order after several weeks not during the swollen period.
  6. That browness goes away for those who face this in the future. Happened every time I did subcision. Swollen for a week and then a light brown patch occurs on the subcised areas that lasts for weeks.
  7. Swelling will be prevalent for quite a while and longer than a week. You might think like I did that your scars have sunk deeper compared to before subcision but that'll most likely be perception because you'll be accustomed to weeks of massive swelling and perceived improvement. Subcision results are said to come about months down the track. Do not expect noticeable differences once the swelling subsides.
  8. This doctor looks and sounds like he knows what he's doing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuMNd_47cX8&list=UUKcT4j9YPdxIPy0uJSh0d5A&index=40&feature=plcp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zt8_zWwmvkI&feature=autoplay&list=UUKcT4j9YPdxIPy0uJSh0d5A&lf=plcp&playnext=1
  9. Read many reviews about that. People said it's hard to apply. I wore foundation for over a year and it was probably the most anxious, embarrassing and frustrating year of my life. Some days it wouldn't apply properly or I didn't apply it right etc. Would be late for appointments and get togethers and then be paranoid about it flaking or wearing off. Very shit year.
  10. My skin reacted badly to fraxel restore on the highest setting so Id hate to think what repair would do. I actually went to a doctor who provides repair and she refused stating that my skin type would in all likeness be permanently hyperpigmentated. Restore has left brown patches around my mouth area and I continue to use heavy amounts of suncream over one year after my last restore treatment. This is why I've been turned off TCA cross. Don't know if my skin can handle such aggressive treatment.
  11. One year later and im still trying so hard to make my scars less of a problem in my life.
  12. Lol i wish my scars were gone in the morning..... I wake up, boxcar scars and ice pick scars are just as bad as ever. But I do see some scars a lot worse after a shower and particularly after cleansing.
  13. Now that one reputable plastic surgeon has strongly advised me not to go through with excision (he refused to do the procedure himself), I am looking into dermal fillers. This was an option over a year but thought I'd try dermal stamping for several months first and then go through with excision. I really hate that I'm in this position. I do NOT want to be spending a thousand dollars every day on injections that are potentially harmful and can have several adverse side effects but what else? I'm
  14. For those who have had excision or anyone with insight, how long does redness last? I know it'd vary from person to person but maybe we could reach some sort of average length. The two PS I have seen said to expect redness to last for 3-9 months. Obviously 3 compared to 9 is massive. I remember I was red for about 5 weeks after fraxel restore so I can imagine excision last atleast 3 months for me.
  15. Well this surgeon made it clear that "i'm a surgeon, if I don't cut people open I make no money". I loved his honesty. If he said yes I would have scheduled the treatment there and then even though I am well aware of the risks. What do I do then?? Do I just go on living with these bad boxcar scars. I told the PS that i don't want my moderate scars worked on by laser or excision or anything because I'm content with them and know that treatments can make things a lot worse. But, for some of my