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  1. I have noticed, that it takes me about 1- 1 1/2 months for my red marks from acne to fade away. Also i noticed using mederma helped speed up the process.
  2. MR.A


    Has any one had any success with needing to remove acne scars?
  3. Im going on 8 years strong, and it doesn't seem it will be ending any time soon
  4. Hi, I have droped MILK from my diet for 4 months, meaning I haven't drank Milk at all. I use to drink, no @#$% about 1 gallon of Milk, at least, on my own every week. And now that I have droped it from my diet, it has virtually done nothing to eliminate my acne. So this is one personal case for you to consider.
  5. Hello, well I can tell you first hand that there is a coloration with acne and diet. I went on the acne diet described in the book: The dietary cure for acne (Dan also talked about it). I was on the diet for 1 month and I followed it strictly, and my acne 95% went away. The only thing about this dam diet is that IT SUCKS! its too dam hard to follow everyday for the rest of your life and by the time 2 months went by I was back on my original diet and what do you think my acne came back. The only
  6. You can see it, but its not that bad, but dam that is a funny story!