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  1. I had something similar on my face after I picked a spot. Yeah and when I was having microdermabrasion, the woman told me I hadn't picked it properly and that's why it was there. I don't think I squeezed it well enough hehe. It did go though after a few days =/ I was using ACV at the time which may have helped but I doubt it.
  2. That message made me smile I guess we do go through a lot in getting these scars and after a while they do feel part of you. Luckily, I only have one very shallow pitted scar on my right cheek with the rest of them being fading red marks. I still can't wait to get rid of them though!
  3. Weird huh? I wonder why that is. I do get the odd break out that escapes but it's almost always the cheeks! Maybe we just have more oil there or something... =/
  4. Ha, my usual clothes... I still have confidence issues but I will keep an eye on this thread! Makeup? I keep it super simple. I have a few red scars on my cheeks and if I put blush on there, they kinda look more obvious. But I hate using concealer on them. I will usually just leave the rest of my face alone and concentrate on the eyes. As for hair? I have curly hair and I never know what to do with it. Ugh. I must look so freakin' boring...
  5. Completely agree, it has really made me see people beneath the skin.
  6. Well when I was 15 someone I know locally was like "You're looking really pretty now your acne's going!" lol, I know they meant well but did they really have to shout that across the street? Hehe.
  7. Yup, me too. One of my brothers actually called me Scarface (like the film?). Ha, that was before he knew what it's like. My dad also touched my face and asked "What's this?" Once I was on my way back from school when two girls who live locally were walking towards me. By then, I was in the habit of walking with my head down with my eyes glued to the floor whenever someone walked past. Just as they walked past me, one of them shouted "Whoa, look at that acne!" The cruelty of that instantly bro
  8. My list is stupid because my acne has calmed down a lot and my scars are much less visible. However... I still have the habits from when it was really bad. I don't like getting close to anyone I hate being in bright light incase my skin is super oily I don't like looking at people or drawing any kind of attention to myself I avoid ANYTHING that involves no make up - swimming, sleep overs etc These are all just bad habits, over the years I have started to care less and less about my acne.
  9. Mine don't . I've just realised what a useless post this is, as I have no advice. But good luck with whatever you choose to do and try
  10. Dude, I'm so sorry and I hope you feel better at some point soon I've cried so many times over my skin, it got so bad that I spent my days at school in complete solitude because I thought I was the ugliest thing on this planet. Even now I still have no confidence. Acne does suck.
  11. Honestly, I really don't care about other people's acne. It doesn't affect my view on them in any way because I've suffered and I still have the scars to show for that period in my life. I totally know what that person is going through so I don't look at anyone and think "eww." I've been in their position and I know what it's like. Acne is horrible for everyone I know this might sound so cliche but one thing acne has truly taught me is to see beauty from the inside.
  12. Heyy For oil control, have you tried the Garnier Shine Control Moisturiser? It works pretty well, I can have matte skin for about 5-8 hours which is a VAST improvement, believe me. I can't really help with the acne stuff, I just took tetralysal tablets and they worked real well so I've never had to try other things. Although I do have to start looking now, my doctor won't give them to me for a few months because I need a "break"! You can try the apple cider vinegar toner. I've just started us
  13. I've been on tetralysal tablets for about 2 years and they've worked really well for me, apart from hormonal acne when I do break out a little. I've been taking these tablets on and off for two years (with little breaks when I ran out) and only now has a doctor declined me access. He said that long term use can have a bad effect on the liver (this I knew) and the brain! He said the effects are completely reversible as long as you take breaks every 6 or so months. This is the first I've ever hear
  14. Does this stuff really need prescriptions in order to get hold of them? I read here that people got this from Boots but I just searched on the Boots website and it says I will need a prescription for this. Noooo, you have no idea how much I hate waiting an hour + in the doctor surgery to be seen.