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  1. Most products I buy have some sort of protective seal that you have to peel off but this one doesn't have that. Is that normal? It's my first time buying it
  2. I use the 2% BHA on my nose as this is the most stubborn place where I get blackheads. On the other parts of my face, I use a 1% BHA gel since it's less oily there and has less clogged pores. You do need to be quite diligent with using it as it took me almost a year of patience to truly see a difference. It doesn't work overnight, but you can consider a peel at 5% and 10% concentrations to help speed up the process, but you MUST know how to use them properly to reduce irritation and sensitizatio
  3. Yeah it looks like clogged pores and some pitted scars here and there. You'll likely have to go with salicylic acid or mandelic acid to get rid of them. But don't expect them to work overnight. Took me 1 year on a 2% bha product to truly see an effect. If you want to go a faster route, then you can try acid peels that are at 5 and 10% concentrations, but using them can be quite harmful to the skin if you don't know how to use them properly. Consider a retinoid as well as they help to normalize s
  4. What kinda of "acne" medications are you using? Unless they contain salicylic acid or some type of retinoid, it likely won't help your blackheads in the slightest because they are not of bacterial origin like acne is. If you want to get rid of acne, you need to go for salicylic acid (not glycolic acid) as they can actually reach inside the pores to clean it out. You do have to be EXTREMELY diligent and patients with using salicylic acid because they don't clear overnight. It took me almost 1 yea
  5. Definitely be very very careful when you exceed over the counter concentrations of any facial acids. Salicylic acid maxes out at 2% and glycolic acid maxes out at 10%. Any concentrations higher than this could be very sensitizing to the skin and you must start to be very cautious of its use (especially if the formulations are also pH-optimized ~3.1). You should leave it on for only a minute the first time you use it and slowly build up the time you leave it on your skin as you skin starts to tol
  6. I've been consistently using 2% BHA liquid from paula's choice every other day, and then Retin-A gel 0.25% every other day and it has reduced the appearance of these quite a bit. Although the recent freezing weather may be aggravating my pores and pushing these filaments more towards the surface.
  7. So how often are you using the Retin-A? Every night? Did you use it differently when you first started?
  8. Are you talking about the bumps under your eye? It's not milia, but it does look like uneven skin, or perhaps sebaceous hyperplasia
  9. DDF is sold through essentialdayspa Neostrata can be bought at well.ca although you can usually find this brand in almost all drugstores across canada
  10. So what is your update/stance on Retin-A now? Has your skin improved?