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  1. any time i feel a cyst coming before you can even see the red, i only have one word for you: advil. as a NSAID, if you take it consistently for a day or two (AND GET ENOUGH SLEEP) you can usually nip it in the bud. I only take it if its appearing in a noticeable place like my nose or forehead as i hate pharmaceuticals...
  2. BTW, dont pick at the glue the next day IF AT ALL, even... it is glued to the to-be scar tissue. It will fall off naturally, so i guess its almost like a prevent-a-pick measure lol.
  3. Just thought I would share this piece of advice; but as with any advice, use at your own risk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***************** I'm sure we all get those times where we have to go to work or school or a social event but we have one thats "ready to pop". Now I would only recommend anyone popping pimples or cysts when there is just a THIN layer of skin covering the whitehead; and the whitehead should be clearly visible. Of course I use a sterilized needle/sewing pin to pop - I never just use my
  4. very well put, i agree. although it may not be that WE choose to be so vain, maybe we're the ones that are more susceptible or conditioned by society to become that way... anywho in the last 3 weeks was the first time i tried advil for reducing the inflammation and i must say... its working "like a charm"... im careful not to use too much or use it too long or too frequently but ive already avoided a disaster last week when i felt a new on sprouting. ive always been against pharmaceuticals b
  5. steve22, i know what ur feeling all too well, trust me. i know ur 18 but, have you taken any steroids or anything? Have you tried a B5 megadose? hang in there buddy
  6. oh yea and one mistake ive made before was putting too much pressure on the compress which made it a bit worse, kinda agitating it
  7. taking antibiotics will increase your resistance to them later down the road, not only for acne but for other situations/illness that may come up. I think thats why theres a slight world epidemic on super bugs etc. As you know, ANTI biotics kills all types of bacteria, good and bad, in your system. Hence the side effect of diarhea etc. and problems with your digestive system. I would say, keep doing what your derm. recommends, but keep in mind they may have other motives for giving you medic
  8. my doc always prescribed dalacin T and tetracycline together, for cystic acne. On top of those i occasionally use oil of oregano which is powerful as fvck
  9. First off i would like to say thanks for your time. I dont know how this post helps myself other than venting but i hope it helps someone else on the forum who may be somewhere along the same lines as myself. I hope this is in the right forum, i apologize if not. Background now 24yrs old Male Of course the below is all just my personal opinion...use advice at your own risk always**** Throughout my life i have not known many people personally, who have had major acne issues. My family has no
  10. oh man..this is the thread that made me join the forum... its too much frustration, relating to the original post. im going through that right now with 2 on the tip of my nose, the new one occuring 3 days ago out of nowhere - likely due to lack of sleep. I usually need 8 hours+ of sleep due to my lifestyle (full time work + part time job + amateur bodybuilding 5-6 days a week) the new cyst seems to be spreading to the old scar which i was in the process of disappearing (was just a brown spot
  11. if its not visually noticeable i would just leave it...i probably get those once or twice a year ...i just leave it be and it goes away in 3 weeks...the worse thing you can do is to squeeze it. It would get worse with squeezing and that area may get more prone to breakouts
  12. i dont know too much about those procedures but it sounds pretty barbaric to me - how long does the "incision" take to heal? wont it be more noticeable if you have a gash/scar there?
  13. if the remains of a cyst is just a bump that doesnt hurt when you touch it, its likely just scar tissue - but that area will be more prone to reccuring cysts again, until its FULLY healed (usually 1-2 months i find) . do not touch it or put anything on it to aggravate it
  14. im pretty sure symmetrical cysts/acne is due to hormones..i get it all the time
  15. DO NOT POP OR SQUEEZE IT - it will get bigger if you do and youll develop complications later down the road with scarring put a hot compress on it a few times a day - the area will be red so make sure its at a time you wont be going anywhere in the next 4 hours or so - this will help it "mature" faster and come to the surface.