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  1. Try Zinc 50-100 mg a day. It really helps. Go read the reviews on this website.
  2. I think i know why masturbating causes acne. Well semen consists of Fructose sugar Water Ascorbic acid (a.k.a., vitamin C) Citric acid Enzymes Protein Phosphate and bicarbonate buffers (bases) Zinc And we all know zinc deficencies causes acne. Ive been taking zinc recently and i found that i dont break out anymore.
  3. damm i just bought it too. =(( USD$52 gone just like that.
  4. true red marks will disappear by itself but it takes a really long time. For me it took 1 and a half years. Go for an IPL to speed things up.
  5. no it doesnt work. It's for eyes duh. your best bet to get rid of it fast is a cortisone injection. Or else antibiotics/Accutane/hot compress/topicals
  6. When it goes purplish, it means that the cyst is pressing againist your skin inhibiting blood flow and causing blood to clot. I had 2 last year which took 3 weeks to turn purple then black/brown. it stayed for 4 mths before it finally went down but the blood clot took 1 year to go away and that is after i went for 5 treatments of lumenius ( IPL) to get rid of it. I do not think an exfoliant is gonna work because the cyst is really deep. You would have to exfoliate 1-2 mm of skin before u reach
  7. Yeah i get that sometimes. It seems to shrink 80% then fill back by 20%. I would go back to my doctor for another shot but she wont let me have another shot within a month for fear for skin thinning etc. I'll just go to another doctor to get another. Personally i find that if it doesnt go down after 5 days of the shot, it probably never will for a long long time.
  8. Sure personality is important. But often it can't be seen. Also how do you determine if a person has good " personality" ,what may seem good to you may not seem good to others. I think everyone has a good personality or at least we try to be a good individual. Of course there are a group of people who you may deem as having a bad personality. But generally they are the minority. Most of us here are like stating the extreme like " if she is like a total idiot" but shes down right gorgeous i would