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  1. For two months I've been doing the following. Morning: Wash face with warm water. Apply 5% BP. Use moisturizer with Retinol. Night: Wash face with warm water. Apply Tretinoin. I haven't seen any changes at all. Still getting pimples, no fading of red marks, face still looks oily. I've heard a lot of people say Tretinoin is very irritating to the skin, but I've had zero problems with it. No irritation, no redness, no flakiness, no peeling, nothing. While that's
  2. Can I just stand under the shower head for 20 minutes? I don't have a bathtub....
  3. Nope nothing like that, everything has been kept the same.
  4. I've dealt with an acne problem for about 3 years now. Along with acne, my nose has always been covered in black heads. Just my nose though. Not once, in all these years have I ever had a single black head anywhere else. However, last week I started getting black heads all over my cheeks. Everyday I wake up with more now. Is there an explanation for this or could my skin/body just be changing?
  5. No, it's that I don't want accutane. I'd like my acne to clear up just as much as anyone else, but that will be the day I take accutane. I really don't feel like driving outside my "area" to find a different dermatologist who can take me. Honestly, what makes me mad is the fact I still NEED medication, most of the people I know my age can wash their face like twice a week and still not get any pimples.
  6. have you tried a retin-a product? it helps the skin "shed" faster, the cell rate. it helps heal red marks faster i think. My doctor didn't want to prescribe it he says Benzaclin is the only thing I need everytime I see him and keeps insisting it will start working again. I'm starting to think he must own stock in the company or something. It's 5 months before I can get another appointment with him, he's booked, other derms in the area are a good 8 or 9 months. And I will never go
  7. I'm so sick of this acne problem. I just don't understand it. I started getting acne when I was 16. After a few months I went to the dermatologist and he put me on Benzaclin. That cleared my face up in two weeks. In two weeks I had perfect skin. I had perfect skin for about a year. Then out of nowhere, the winter before I turned 18, the Benzalcin seemed to just stop working completely. I broke out worse than I ever had in the past. Dermatologist tells me to keep using it and also puts
  8. I'm so freakin pissed. I'm making almost no progress. I thought my face would be almost cleared by now. I obsess over my acne almost every day. This pic is from February 22: This is from today: IMO it looks worse now
  9. I have been on Benzaclin for 1 and a half years now, and it seems to have stopped working. I figured I was immune to it, but my derm. said you can't get immune to it, to just keep using it like I have been and everything will be fine. However things are getting worse. Is it possible I have become immune to it?
  10. Well thank you everyone for your advice. And you know, a lot of people think I'm 15, some think I'm younger, I'm actually almost 19 lol. Those who mentioned a good regimen, mine is actually: Morning: Neutrogena Acne Cream Cleanser 100mg Doxycycline Eucerin Skin Renewal Day Lotion (if I don't use it my skin is flaky) Night: Neutrogena Gentle Cleanser 100 mg Doxycycline Benzaclin
  11. This is so crazy. My face is horrible, and I hate it. I'm all for fashion, and I love to dress and look good. I've always had clear skin. Very clear skin. A bad breakout for me use to be two small white heads in one week. However, 3 months ago, in about 3 days, face changed for what seems like is going to be forever. Within three days my face became horrible, absolutely horrible. To the point that even my mom said it looked like crap. The thing is I feel miserable. Mostly because for s
  12. Well, the thing is, my derm told me he was only going to keep me on it for 2 months. Then I would stop, and go back to using just the Benzaclin. What I'm afraid of, is a lot of peole have told me, that once I stop taking the Doxy, I'm going to break out 10 time worse than I ever had before. I want to know if that's true or not. Because the last thing I want is to be covered in acne for my prom.
  13. I have mild acne, and my derm. perscribed Doxycycline today. 100mg twice a day. I've been on Benzaclin since August 2004, but lately I've been breaking out again. So my derm. thought a combination of Doxycycline and the Benzaclin will work very well. However, I am now very nervous. My acne has always been mild to moderate (i've never had more than 15 or so pimples at a time). I am now hearing on this board, that once some people stopped taking Doxycycline, they ended up getting severe acn
  14. Used Benzaclin for about a year. Kept my face looking good. Eventually I stoped getting acne and stopped using it, because it was so drying. However, I started getting a couple pimples again, so I got a new refill. Well, it made me break out like crazy. I got about 15 pimples around my mouth, and the whole are became red, swollen, and painful. It's horrible. Has this happened to anyone else? For the last two weeks things have gotten better though. I tossed out the Benzaclin. Now I'm us