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  1. Hey there. Been on accutane for 2 months, is working. Though, I have in these two months been very cautious of the sun on my facial skin. I wore hats all the time and prevented the sunlight to touch my face at all times. Though what I do not understand, is that my whole body has gotten so tan! My legs, arms, torso, back are just tan and no sign of redness or dryness at all. Basically what I now have is a tan body with a pale face. I was wondering. Should I just get my face in the sun as well?
  2. Have you tried accutane? I had extremely oily skin and it basically vanished after 2 weeks of taking accutane. Nothing else helped for me.
  3. For the ones not reading this wall of text: why don't more guys use make-up(foundation/concealing/contouring) to their advantage/looking more attractive? I really don't get it. I consider myself a semi-metrosexual. I am 100% straight, but I just want to look my best, wherever I go. My skin is clearing up tremendously atm on accutane, and I've been using powder foundation to improve my complexion, give it that lil' edge. Also I'm about to buy some bronzer powder/highlighting powder to improve
  4. I've been on accutane for little over a month now. I've had the initial breakout, which occured between week 2 and 4. Last week I hadn't been getting any new pimples. So I was getting excited. A little too excited I guess. Acne has struck back with big under the skin inflamed bitches in my cheekbone area. I myself started wondering what could be the cause. Lately I've been putting gel in my hair. I workout almost daily and when I do I also do cardio which makes me sweat. My hair is long so the
  5. Hey everyone at acne.org! It's been a long time since I've been here. Through trial and error over the years, I have come past the solution (kind of) for my acne; I use Retin-A cream. At the start it wasn't working too well but after some months my skin started reacting positively to this drug. For the past 1.5 year I've truthfully been smudging the cream on my skin daily (every evening before bed). And the result is a consistent 95% clear skin. Although my skin may be pretty clear of acne;
  6. You might wanna lower the dose to 1 tablet a day. And make sure you dont use too much tretinoin. Other than that use moisturizer, drink lots of water. Stick with it, its too early to tell if its working.
  7. Hey people, At the moment I am pretty clear I must say. At least it's 10x better than 1.5 years ago, when I had moderate acne. I'm a 16 year old male and my acne started when I was about 14 years old. Just FYI... Now when I was 14 I wanted to do something about my acne, because it got me really depressed. I discovered this website and pretty much worshipped it for months, reading everything that could be read. I especially strongly believed the nutrition forum somehow. You dont want to know ho