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    laughing, singing, reading trashy romance novels, being a geek, watching movies, snuggling, mickey-mouse pancakes, cooking, goofing off, music music music, traveling, dancing, playing the piano, hugs and kisses, fluffy pillows, warm blankets, afternoon naps, snuggling, the beach, the moon, the stars, knowing constellations, old movies, foreign films, clouds, bubbles, love, unadulterated laugh lines, hearts of gold, fall/autumn, christmas lights, jack-o-lanterns, tori amos, neil gaiman, video games, yummy smelling candles, candles in general, fresh air (I'd take an open window over my a/c or heater anyday if the weather permits!)
  1. glamorbomb

    A&D Cream

    So, I realize most of you will be thinking "why is this girl writing a post about diaper rash cream?" But hear me out and then tell me your thoughts. A&D Ointment has a cream that is called "Zinc Oxide Cream With Aloe" Apparently it: Treats & Calms diaper rash (go figure) Soothes red, irritated, or inflamed skin Allows Skin to heal naturally. Now I had some of this in my cabinet- I was using it on my hives a while back when I had an allergic reaction (I'm also allergic to cortisone
  2. glamorbomb

    My Pictures :)

    Pictures of me & my family and all that random junk :P
  3. glamorbomb

    SEPHORA products.

    I know I'm replying like nearly a week after the post, but: I am currently obsessed with the new Kat Von D products. Both of her eyeshadow palettes are amazing- the colors are SO vibrant and they last all day and don't seem to smudge or make those lines in my creases... and the colors are just beautiful... I'm currently loving "Dimebag" You won't like her eyeshadows unless you like bold colors though, or smokey colors. There is nothing subtle about Kat Von D and her makeup is no exception.
  4. glamorbomb

    Laura Mercier Cotton

    I figured I'd put this here; I wasn't sure where else to put it. When I got married, I hired a licensed esthetician to do my makeup. For months I was going in to see her so she could inspect my skin and give me beauty tips. One of the biggest things she was an advocate for was the use of Laura Mercier's unbleached cotton squares. She told me that cotton balls can actually make your skin worse because the cotton has been bleached, and if you apply any liquid onto the cotton your skin MAY abso
  5. glamorbomb

    Electric Toothbrush Method; Allergies to Aspirin

    Thank you! That was incredibly helpful :)
  6. glamorbomb

    Does drinking alcohol the night before help acne?

    In my case, it never helps my blemishes. Why? Because I usually pass out before I remember to wash my face before I sleep! Interesting theory, though.
  7. So, I have a couple questions for you all. 1. The Clarisonic Brush for your face is like what, $150 or more? I was watching youtube this morning (I'm addicted to makeup tutorials) and I came across one in which a woman shows you how to use an electric toothbrush (SOFT head) to achieve the same cleansing results. I was wondering if there was any possibility that this will actually achieve the same amount of deep cleaning? Clarisonic = oscillating frequency of 300 times per second Typical Ele
  8. I did not have the stamina to read through each and every post so if this is a repeat of something someone already said, I apologize in advance, but: My sister is a licensed cosmetologist & esthetician and she always cautions me against taking showers that are too hot. She says that water when at a boiling hot temperature (as I *love* to take them) is actually damaging to your hair and your skin. It will dry them out tremendously. She said the only perks of hot showers/baths/whatever is
  9. glamorbomb

    Is birthcontrol causing my acne?

    I found my acne was worse when I was on the pill. Birth control supposedly helps to "regulate" your hormone levels but I really didn't find that was the case with me (and I tried six different pills!) I gained weight (as in, 30 pounds over five years despite changes in diet and exercising to try to keep it off) My period (which has never been regular) was still TOTALLY irregular My Acne was MUCH worse. It did not help my cramps (which are SEVERE) It did not help my PMS symptoms either. I have