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  1. It is $95 Cdn per treatment, I got it at Vancouver. My spot is pigmented, so the derm uses IPL for treatment. My area actually hasn't change much since the first treatment, I guess the laser was very mild just for sampling/testing purpose. The result should be more noticeable after the 2nd treatment.
  2. I just had IPL laser today, the area now looks pink. Derm said it will take at least 2 treatments to see improvement, and it takes a total of about 5 treatments for final result
  3. Use concealer or whitened sunscreen, they can hide your blemish.
  4. Where is your red mark, is it a a small spot all over the face, or is it like mine a whole patch in just one spot. I guess my case is kindof odd
  5. Man, i am tired of this red mark, hope laser will completely get rid of it. Anyway, my red mark is in the jaw area, so is not too visible, so i can live with less than perfect skin.
  6. I don't know why, I only have severe acne on that spot, and the rest of my skin is fine. Is my case kind of odd?
  7. Yes, I am Asian. I heard that IPL needs to be performed several times before it is going to work. My derm said that the side effect of uneven pigmented caused by laser only happens rarely. And my skin is very white for an asian, so I hope this helps.
  8. IPL I guess is the laser that I will be using. is my case hard to treat? coz I had been seeing like 4 derms already, they either said it will go away by time or prescribed me some creme. Anyway, now the derm suggests me to do laser.
  9. I would say is acne, the irritation of topical medication, and some allegery. It had been there for five years, and just wouldn't go away by time.
  10. Anything that you guys suggested can help? I tried locoid already, and doc recommend me to do laser. Do you guys think it will help? One doc said there is a mix of red/brown mark, so laser won't do 100% especially for the brown mark. http://superjes.150m.com/jj/jj.html
  11. I was looking at the vinegar method, so i am wondering where can I buy apple cider vinegar?
  12. And my derm told me that one time laser treatment is enough, but my red mark is quite red, is it possible?
  13. Any other people have successfull experience?