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  1. I recently went to the dermatologist to get some insight on how to treat my moderate acne scaring. She mentioned that i could try Starlux fractional non-ablative skin resurfacing or a peel to help reduce my scaring. Both I am very unsure about and would love imput on... But she also said that i should stop using my acne.org regime because benzoyl peroxide is very harsh on skin and should only be used to initially get rid of acne. Which i must point out that after using the regime for just under
  2. I am looking to start taking vitamins and fish oil(omega3) to possibly help with my monderate acne and oil issues on my face and to help with my overal health. I am looking at these two at the moment. But I have read that multivitamins dont work very well and what not. What would you recomend in terms of all the supliments that I should take. Im not really interested in trying any of those methods that only work for some or can possibly be dangerous to my body. Thanks