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  1. Hi all. It's been ages since I last posted. I finished my course around two weeks ago. After my IB, the accutane treatment went without a hitch. That's probably why you haven't heard a peep from me since then. In closing, I can only think of three words to sum up my whole accutane experience: the stuff works.
  2. Congrats on finishing, Dire. I'm so happy for you! I can totally relate to your anxiety about your acne coming back. You can cross that bridge if/when it comes, but right now your skin looks ah-mazing so I wouldn't worry.
  3. Hey long time no update.. It's my 3rd month into accutane, and my first month on 40 mg! I've noticed alot of improvement in my skin... still have a few buggers on my cheeks, but that's pretty much it now. Scars are another issue, but it's nothing a little makeup can't cover. I'm currently using Revlon Photoready foundation, which makes my skin look absolutely flawless (albeit still a bit bumpy). Funny thing about Photoready is that while I was still on the DKR, I thought that it was Photoready t
  4. Mags! Where art thou?

    Busy with the books? :P Hows your accutane progress?

  5. Day 17 Hmm still riding out my IB. Yesterday morning, I tried my hand at covering the most horrible areas on my face with some liquid foundation before traipsing off to uni. By midday, these areas just ended up resembling artificially bleached grass patches..but at least I tried, right? Acne counter I have at least 16 actives on my face. Most of them are small red dots, some of them are cysts. The pre-existing acne that I had on my right cheek has been transmogrified by accutane into large,
  6. Hey Ang, I really enjoyed reading your log so far. Thanks for commenting on mine.
  7. I also bludged my way through the first three weeks of uni, didn't really do much work.. but now it's crunch time. I feel it in my bones. I am also currently undergoing my IB yikes! I think it's the real thing this time, not a false alarm lol. Fun times aye. Well good luck with your exam, I'll catch you later.
  8. Hi Niamh! Omigosh I love your name! A character in the Sevenwaters series by Juliet Marillier, which is set in ancient Ireland, also shares the same name! Ok that was very off-topic, but I love those books so much! Good luck with your course! and lol dw I also have a tendency to overanalyse things.. it took a while for the real side effects to kick in.. everything up until the second week for me was false alarms. Anyway I'll be checking in on your progress.
  9. Hi Goodz. Man I'm sorry to hear that your course has been paused. However, hopefully this will only be a short respite from accutane, which I guess is better than being taken off it forever. My skin also didn't like Dan's DKR.. to me, it comes across as a poor man's version of Proactiv. It's definitely not a long-term solution for acne, so I don't know why it's being marketed in such a way.. Anyways, I hope that things get back on track for you soon. You seem like a pretty cool guy. Keep your ch
  10. Hi Hop3! Thanks for dropping by my log. I once read somewhere that you shouldn't colour your hair while on accutane since it might dry out your hair, or something along those lines.. I hope that your hair disaster has been taken care of, though. I'm sure that you could pull off green anyways. Maybe you can start a new trend. Anyways, your skin looks really good in your photo.
  11. Hey I just caught up with your log. I started 3 days after you and am on 20 mg.. yay for less oil! Your skin (and everything else) should get progressively drier as the accutane slowly accumulates in your body, so hang in there.
  12. Hey Martini! Man, I'm also in the throes on a nasty IB, so I can totally relate! It's also very encouraging for me to read that you're not letting your skin stop you from going out and having fun.
  13. Hey Del! My face still isn't really all that dry too, maybe because we're both on a relatively low dose for now.. I keep telling myself that dryness is overrated lol. Anyways hope you're enjoying your weekend.
  14. lol does that mean that you're now cutting down on the bacon and egg rolls? And as for your dry skin, I recommend getting either Hamilton or Aveeno for your face moisturiser. I find both of them really good. What were you using before? Anyways how has uni been for you?
  15. Day 13! Skin I come bearing some good news. My skin is producing far less oil, so I am no longer walking around looking like I swam in a tub of oil for kicks. However, the bad news is that I've been breaking out quite terribly. For the past few days, I've even caught several strangers in the act of staring at the numerous angry red lumps that currently populate my side profile. However, the main thing that has been drawing curious stares is an emperor-sized monstrosity of a cyst on my right c