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  1. I am going Australia at the end of this month. Is Accutane a banned drug there? I am bringing a month supply over!
  2. Pictures of me on my journey fighting acne with accutane...
  3. I am also having this problem... Man it sucks... What I've noticed is that the swelling goes down whenever I exercise.
  4. How do I solve the problem of having blackheads and large pores? I can see lots of blackhead staring at me after I shower everytime.
  5. Drink black coffee. I read that it helps a lot! Tell me if it works...
  6. I have this problem too. And still am. But they are recoving nicely. And I have lost patches of hair. My tip, leave your hair short. Do no use gel/wax. And you don't have to shampoo too much. Over washing will make it worse.
  7. You said "1 tablespoon of egg-white whipped up + a squeeze of lemon". How is is enough to spread over the face? Do I soak cotton pad in it and then lay the cotton my face or just apply the mixture on my face?
  8. I really want to try this liver flush. Ok, I know I need Olive Oil, Grape fruits and Epsom salt. What else do I need? How do I go about doing it? It there a list of specific steps I can follow? And how much of the stuff to use?
  9. Welcome and congrats on ur progress! We are all grateful to this forum.
  10. Just started mine today... Hope to see results soon.
  11. Where have the pictures gone to? I can't see them...
  12. How about doing hand stands. When you are upside down blood rushing to ur head. Will that work?