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  1. I had dermabrasion performed on my nose at the beginning of October. I have two scars in a similar location as yours, although I think they may be deeper. I went to an experienced plastic surgeon. As of now, over 2 months following the procedure, I am still undecided as to its efficacy. I think it smoothed the scars somewhat, because when I run my fingers over the scars they feel less deep. However, I'm not sure that they look any better. The redness has taken a long time to fade. My surgeon
  2. I'm wondering if anyone has any experiences they're willing to share about scar treatments at the Berman Gladstone Skin Institute in the Bay Area, California. I've searched the forums and found posts alluding to poor care at Berman, but I haven't found specific experiences of scar treatments. I am considering travelling there to have punch grafts performed. Thanks for any advice you might have!
  3. Hello. I've been inactive on this site for quite a while but recently have been pursuing scar revision for two depressed scars. I've seen negligible improvement after two sessions of Fraxel Re:pair (CO2 laser) 4-5 years ago, so I'm seeking a treatment that aims to "fill in the holes" first. It seems that punch grafting may be a good option, but I'm having a difficult time locating plastic surgeons/dermatological surgeons that actively and successfully perform this procedure. I live in Utah but a
  4. Just FYI, Taking NSAIDs (like Aleve, Advil, etc.) occasionally should be okay for most people. But long-term daily use may not be healthy. Overuse can cause bleeding, gastrointestinal, and kidney problems.
  5. It should be okay to use topicals as your derm recommended. Nothing will really "disturb" the kenalog (cortisone) once it is in your skin. Excessive topicals should not be required on the spot since it's been injected though.
  6. My guess is that you are applying too much Duac to your forehead. I also use Duac, and if I apply it too thickly/too often, washing the area will cause it to become sort of slimy/creamy as you describe. Your skin is probably absorbing as much of the medication as it can. I do know that acne can become resistant to the antibiotic component of Duac, and you might want to talk to your doc about trying a retinoid (like Differin) instead. Not sure if that is you in your profile picture, or if you s
  7. If the indents are fairly recent there is a good chance they will fill in. Sometimes the kenalog leads to temporary atrophy, which corrects itself in time. I had a fairly large diameter dent on the top of my forehead from an injection which completely filled in within a few months. Apparently the forehead is prone to these due to very little collagen and fat. So there is still hope! And please remember that cysts may leave scars whether injected or not, so it's hard to tell with certainty whethe
  8. Ouch! I'm sorry you had to suffer through this miserable experience. If you do pursue Fraxels in the future, perhaps it would be a good idea to ask for antibiotics and anti-herpes oral medication as a preventative. I've had Fraxel Re:pair (a much more intense procedure than Re:store), and medications are routinely prescribed to avoid infections and herpetic outbreaks (chicken pox is in the herpes family). I'm not sure if it was just a coincidence that you had a chickenpox outbreak following your
  9. I can relate to your situation. I was harrassed by an ex-boyfriend for a long time (also from a four year relationship that I broke off). I still run into him because we both live in a small town. I have contemplated moving just to avoid him, yet I don't want to give in on principle. I would also advise you to avoid all contact with this loser and his (clearly jealous and insecure) fiance. With people like this, any type of attention feeds the fire. If you truly feel threatened by them, begin d
  10. I had an IPL treatment for broken capillaries and general ruddiness and it worked quite well. It was a tad painful with topical numbing, but not unbearable. I had the treatment just prior to Fraxel Re:pair, so I can't really testify as to recovery time. I had one major broken capillary that looked like a scratch across my face (I hated it!). It completely got rid of that, though it left a bruise-colored mark for two weeks while it healed. Definately worth a few hundred dollars (my technician did
  11. You don't deserve to be picked on or abused by anyone, including yourself. It's understandable that you would feel angry at yourself for irritating your skin condition. We've all done this--it is frustrating. You must realize that these things are always more noticeable to ourselves than to anyone else. I've noticed that the area under the eyes is very sensitive and prone to inflammation, however this usually goes down once the area is left alone. Be kind to yourself. Your graduation is a big ac
  12. I also had a pretty major breakout following my Re:pair procedure (performed in Nov). I did not have awful cystic outbreaks but I had hundreds of clogged pores. I did not have much active acne before the Re:pair. Even today, my skin is much more breakout prone than before Re:pair. I feel like a teenager again (I'm 24). I was told by a dermatologist that the laser brings things the surface, which can cause breakouts. The skin is so fragile following the Re:pair, that it seems further scarring cou
  13. I've had many cortisone (kenalog) injections and only got one dent, on the top of my forehead dead center. I felt like it was very noticeable and it was a significant dent. I was doubtful that it would ever fill in, but within about four months it did. It is no longer visible. I believe this is typical for cortisone-related dents. It will make me think twice about getting injections as a quick fix. Good luck.
  14. I had Fraxel Re:pair in November. You may be able to find my original post on the subject in this forum. I paid $3500 for very minimal improvement on my deepest scars. Only the very shallowest of scars have improved. Also, the treatment was VERY painful. I generally have a fairly high tolerance for pain (ex: I had my wisdom teeth extracted while awake with minimal trauma). I have been offered second spot treatments with the Re:pair at no cost due to my marginal results. I have not yet repeated t
  15. Um..."learnt" is a word...more common in the U.K. than the U.S.