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  1. I was wondering the same thing. I've only been on Ortho Tri Cyclen for five days, so obviously it's not going to start working miracles yet. Just curious how long it took others to see results. I'm also getting jawline breakouts as well, but am not convinced it's from the Ortho neccessarily. Just hoping it works!
  2. I think I try to stay as positive as possible, given the fact that acne is pretty aggravating to the face and the psyche. I have an awesome figure that responds beautifully to exercise (which I love to do) and my facial structure is very pretty and I have good hair. When I'm having a good skin day (which are becoming few and far between here lately) I look absolutely gorgeous. SO, honestly, I can't really complain too much because for the most part I've been dealt a good hand when it comes
  3. Hey Hulachic, If you've already gone the whole 5 weeks and suffered through the breakout, you might as well keep going w/it because in week 7 you'll notice a decline in the number of cysts that you get. I'm not saying that your face will be much better than when you started your Retin-A Micro treatment (because mine wasn't improved when I used it) but who knows? You could be one of the lucky ones for whom the initial breakout was worth it.
  4. Baby Doll- I think the replacement progesterone used in Depo is what causes it to be more acnegenic than other forms of birth control. I thought I had read that somewhere. . . but don't quote me!!!!!
  5. I just got some myself yesterday and used it last night and this morning. No real change yet. . .but hoping for some improvement. Can't really expect drastic change in under 24 hrs (although I still HOPE for it ) I'm also starting OrthoTriCyclen on Sunday, since most topicals don't seem to touch my acne, so perhaps between the two products, I'll see some kind of results. I also agree that (so far) clindamycin phosphate isn't too terribly irritating.
  6. Atreyu- I've noticed that the blackheads on my nose are almost completely gone as well on Botchla's regimen. The whiteheads are proving to be a bit more stubborn, but I'd say I have seen a slight reduction. It's hard to say what works because you really have to be willing to give whatever you're currently trying 2-4 months before you judge. Good luck!
  7. ETD, I just want to say that every word you've said (especially in your original post that started this great thread) I've completely felt before in my own experiences in dealing w/acne. I also agree that the psychological effects it has on a person can be truly devastating. Not just to the individual, but to everyone around him/her. My acne effects my entire life and the lives of my husband and my son. When I feel completely broken out and awful, I don't want to be intimate w/my husband and
  8. I'm with you on that analysis of Retin-A. Worthless. Totally worthless.
  9. CaliforniaCA- I hear you on that one! I saw one of the pics on a different website before, so I'm doubtful of this guy. Would be pretty awesome if it did work, though!
  10. Ok, first off, you're not using the Retin-A and the Benzaclin at exactly the same time, right? BP and Retin-A, when applied directly on top of one another end up canceling each other out and make them worthless. I'm assuming your derm told you this and that you're using the Retin-A at night and the Benzaclin during the day, or vice-versa? Anyhow, hopefully you won't be like me and end up breaking out like mad during your time on Retin-A. About two or three weeks into the treatment (in my cas
  11. I've not been made fun of, per se, but the worst betrayal was when my roomate/friend told my future husband (when they dated, I think as an attempt to make me unattractive to him) "Yeah, she's quite pretty, but she has REALLY bad skin. You should see her w/out makeup." Too bad I'm the one he ended up marrying. Who was it that said karma's a bitch?
  12. Well, I entered in 97' and just got out in 03', so not too long ago. Yes, they have free medical care and free prescrips for active duty/family members, but you have to be seeing a doctor that knows what he/she is doing. Most of the docs/PAs are only general practice types. They know a little bit about most things, but don't have any real depth in treating anything serious or chronic, like acne. If you bug them enough, you can get a referral to see a dermatologist (in my case, an Army doc d
  13. Are you talking about Freeman's Cucumber Face Mask? I used to get that too!!! Kinda freaky when you peel it off, looks like skin, right?
  14. I use Cetaphil, w/out the spf and it seems to do the trick w/out making me greased-out and doesn't contribute to acne at all.
  15. Make sure you come back and let us know how it's going in a few weeks or so, ok? I was thinking about trying Benzaclin, but wasn't sure. Three days is, in my opinion, a little too soon to declare victory but, like I said, I've never been on that particular med before so I could be wrong! Glad to hear you're pleased w/it thus far, though!