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  1. Hey, I have 3 big red pimples on my nose and face right now. The only problem is that I dont see any pus (the white stuff) on my pimple. What is this? And as time passes, it seem to shrank and grow bigger again?
  2. Hi, my acne has improve during the past two weeks besides the fact that I still have a few pimples on my forehead. Anyway after some close observation, I noticed that the brown spots on my face and forehead are actually dead skin. (I'm a tanned person) And they are all over my face. 1) How do I remove the dead skins? Do I need to exfoliate? I also noticed that some of the dead skins have peeled off, revealing a much lighter skin colour than my normal skin. 2)How do I solve this? Its kind of
  3. Can they treat red/brown marks too? And is SA a drying agent?
  4. http://www.joseibi.com/store/list_byBrand_...413&idr=413 My friend got me some of the samples to try. I was wondering if anyone has tried them before?
  5. http://www.highonhealth.org/do-not-use-ben...reat-your-acne/ After reading this article, I'm really in a state of confusion and fustration. I really don't know who to believe because the side effects mentioned in the article are similar to mine. I seem to have more brown spots than before. I know that this will fade with time but I'm really annoyed with my acne. Who should I believe? And I personally think that each and everyone's skin is different from others, BP might work for you but not oth
  6. Well, I just hope that the flakiness will go away. I was thinking of buying jojoba oil, but I think I'll just wait and see.
  7. Is there any other way to get the flaky skin off other than applying more moisturizer, adding afew drops of jojoba oil and gently going over my face with a washcloth?
  8. I have been on the regimen for about 1 week now and my skin is improving. My face isn't as oily as before (due to bp) and I have lesser pimples on my face. However, my skin is dry and flaky, especially around the chin and mouth areas. Why is this so? I tried gently rubbing against the dry and flaky skin in the showers, it works at first. But after awhile, the flakiness starts to come back. So I wanna ask if its ok to moisturize more than two times a day?
  9. Thanks for your reply. I did a test using 10% BP by applying small amounts on my arm. It had no side effects for me, there was no redness and swelling or anything. The only thing was it left my skin dry. However, after applying some moisturizer, my skin turned out fine. Does this mean that it is ok for me to use 10% BP?
  10. Hi, I'm new to the Regimen and I was just wondering if it is a MUST to use 2.5% BP. I know that it is recommended but it is not easy to find a 2.5% and 5% BP from where I live. (I'm not from the US) Instead, 10% BPs are plentiful here. And from what I know, 10% BP doesn't work with the Regimen. This brings me to my next question. Why does the Regimen not work with 10% BP? And finally, what should I do?