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  1. Anyone tried this cream? Granted it is only available in NZ, parts of Australia, Japan, etc. Please give me your reviews, good or bad. I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  2. For me Vaseline is too greasy. The only Vaseline based stuff I will put on my skin is stuff like Neosporin and the like.
  3. I am currently testing out the Facedoctor soap and the Facesurgeon soap. I will keep you folks posted.
  4. MD Formulations has a cleanser that has a 12% of the acid in the cleanser, I found mine at Ulta and I believe that Sephora sells it. I think Mario Badescu glycolic cleanser has some also. I think Murad has it in their cleanser. But don't hold me to that.
  5. Some people might be allergic to the sulfur in the mask. But when I used it, I didn't break out. It burned like heck though.
  6. I know health food stores sells tea tree oil cleanser. One brand that sticks out is Desert Essence. I know my local Vitamin Shoppe carries it.
  7. Has anyone with cystic/nodule acne has some positive results with it? I would go to a dermatologist but I have no insurance and I am a student. Thanks in advance.
  8. Same here. Of course it doesn't help when I sometimes drool in my sleep.
  9. I don't see anything wrong with combining the two. Just use a good sunblock so to prevent reappearance of dark spots.
  10. Hi I know this is an od topic but I was able to find this soap online. Just google or froogle dudu osun black soap and many hits will pop up. Personally I find this soap a bit over drying but this is just my experience. You might as well use lemon juice to help even out your skin tone. But I hope this helps.