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  1. Well I am finally done with accutane..and i have not updated my old old post in awhile, nor my pics, its been 2 months since you probably saw up close pics of how it is. I should have some up soon, maybe ill get em up tonight, but who cares I got off accutane i think jan 10, and i havent had a zit since, no oil has come back, and im hoping on the time i was on accutane that my hormones balanced out and they wont go insane as much anymore. I have a super smooth face and seems as I have come ou
  2. You guys need to lighten up and stop thinking about it so much =\
  3. Day whatever who cares today was my last day of school for winter break and I'm halfway done with my final month day " Just wanted to tell everyone i updated my pics, tho they werent meant to show my acne progress, but to show more of when i was assaulted by some guy who wanted to do a random act of violence
  4. Day 107 Quite a bit of new zits, came out of nowhere, looks like blackheads are all starting to push up (the big ones that have been stuck under skin) cause all the zits are around my nose...but besides that everything else is nice and smooth
  5. My face and arms and lips have gotten much dryer. I dont think I've had any of those "severe" side effects. I had a headache once last month, but i dont think it was accutane, cause i know that day i didnt drink any water all...lots of coke (It was Homecoming at our school) so i got a payback and had headache later that night
  6. thanks new pics up, and note these pics are taken in a pretty bright light...or something to where you can see my acne really good and shows up really red, its almost like sun light
  7. Day 98 heeeyyy sorry guys, i havent updated in a long time, even tho i barely get replies back but hey thats cool hehe. I uploaded a pic to show whats gone on the past 3 weeks and i should get actualy close ups of my face tomorrow night. All i can say is that with winter coming, im gonna get really dry. My arms and face have been really dry but no breaking out in looong time, going really well
  8. noo i decide, and im def gonna keep going unless something comes up wrong in my blood tests
  9. Day 86 Good news guys, my tests came back and everything looked great! Actually, my cholesterol even lowered from 168 to 141, even tho tane is supposed to make the cholesterol rise which is very odd...but the doc gave me this choice: After this month i can stop, or go another month, but i think imma go just another month to make sure all my red marks dont have trouble with new pimples coming up hehe good stuff...accutane rocks
  10. Day 82 still doing good, just 2 lil zits on right side but no prob
  11. Day 80 Doing good! Face flat on both sides
  12. Pics up! not much new, still the same redness
  13. Day 77 My breakouts cleared up pretty fast...got one on the left side that is just a really dried of piece of skin but ill wait until it falls off by it self...after that my face is completely smooth need this redness to leave! Ill get pics up sometime this weekend also you guys